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Detroit Red Wings

Dear San Jose Sharks - A Letter From A Detroit Red Wings Fan

Detroit Red WingsDear San Jose Sharks,

Please, if you’re going to beat us, can it be by a blowout 4-5 goals or something?

Losing in OT or by one goal is really irritating as we then analyse everything in the game to try and figure out where we could have snatched victory in what was a very close game.

At least if we get stuffed well and truly, we can hold our hands up and say without doubt we were beaten by a team that played better than we did, instead of trying to figure out what slight change might have made all the difference.

In this series, we’ve lost 3 games, but yet only conceded 3 more goals than you. That’s pretty annoying.

Obviously I hope you don’t win at all, but if you are going to, make it comprehensive so there’s as little anguish as possible.

That would be great, thanks.



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One comment for “Dear San Jose Sharks - A Letter From A Detroit Red Wings Fan”

  1. I firmly believe nothing in professional sports is more exciting that overtime playoff hockey. It’s literally like a heart attack - victory and defeat come in an instant, usually with little or no warning. I’ve sat through the Red Wings beating the Sharks in overtime in the playoffs (Game 4 Wed May 2, 2007). Trust me, I would like to win by 4 goals too…

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | May 5, 2011, 8:27 am

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