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Deja Vu, JuJu and The Phoenix Coyotes Lose Game 2

Phoenix CoyotesDéjà vu (French pronunciation: [deʒa vy] literally “already seen”) is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation.

I can’t think of a more appropriate word to describe Game 2 in the Phoenix Coyotes vs Chicago Blackhawks series. It bore a striking resemblence to the first game of the series. Lots of white, lots of energy, great defense and Mike Smith making all the big saves. All of that is good dejavu, in fact give me some more of that going forward.

The bad juju?

Radim Vrbata getting taken out and not returning having only 42 seconds of ice time.  Having just a one goal lead going in to the end of the game. Then of course allowing the Blackhawks to tie the game with just 17 seconds left in regulation.

The Coyotes did rebound however and took the game during the one period of OT.

Fast forward to game 2 and that sinking feeling you have seen this game before. Still the same great energy, lots of white (although 2 red and black jerseys were sitting RIGHT behind me..annoying) Radim Vrbata is back but Mike Smith is victim to a nasty hit to the head by Shaw. The fans had to endure a few nervewracking moments waiting to see if he would recoup…with Jason Labarbera warming up in the wings. Smith got up, played brilliantly and the Coyotes scored a nice power play goal as a result of the 5 minute major. Once again all good.

Then the bad juju..

Empty net, 6 attackers, only a one goal cushion and a mad scramble to the net. It’s 6 seconds till the period ends.  I am gathering up my purse, collecting the whiteout pom poms and downing the last of my beer when…those 2 red and black jerseys behind me starting cheering. At 5.5 seconds left in the game.

5.5 seconds.

NOOOOOO! This cannot be happening again. This is so devastating, so frustrating, so infruriating that I cannot even help myself. In an uncharacteristic rage, I whip around and scream at the 2 red jerseys “you guys are the luckiest sons-of-b*****s”! Oh yeah, I did that. In front of my daughter, stepsons and husband. So classy.

But how could this be? Again? How could the Coyotes let this happen TWICE..in TWO games! Purse goes back on the floor, pom poms flutter madly and we settle in for OT.

And the bad juju continues..

Coyotes lose it in the OT tying the series at 1. Pom poms wilted, daughter exhausted and the rest of the family disillusioned we wearily head for the exit. Let’s hope the next 2 games in the Madhouse will reverse the juju in our favor.

As for Game 2? As the French say.. C’est la vie.

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