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Detroit Red Wings: 4 Points From 4 Is Far Too Funky For Filpulla‏

Detroit Red WingsOctober 9, 2010 - The Chicago Blackhawks raise their Stanley Cup banner prior to their game against the Detroit Red Wings. The moment is marred somewhat when Detroit third-liner Kris Draper surveys the rafters and comments “Wow, Chicago, you’ve won four Stanley Cups? Me too!” - Down Goes Brown

Raising the Stanley Cup banner at your first home game of the season after the big win is a moment every player enjoys. Not so for the Blackhawks. Not only did their team look utterly ravaged by salary cap restrictions, but they went on to lose their opening game to a sell-out crowd.

Meh, I’m not really here to gloat about it. Toronto did it to us a year or so back after our win. That, and the fact that 8 players from the Stanley Cup winning roster had to go due to said restrictions. It was going to be a tough start for the Hawks.

However, the night before, Detroit had faced the Anaheim Ducks. I’ll be utterly frank, the Ducks looked good going forward, and Getzlaf and Perry were dangerous, but at the back, they were hopeless. Terrible defending cost them the game 4-0, and I see they lost with another 4 goals conceded in their second game too. They’ve signed Lilja today, and it looks like they need the help!

The Ducks did what they do best when starting to fall behind, and that’s get physical. They found this time, however, that the Wings were not the easy targets they had been the last couple of seasons. Salei, Stuart and Datsyuk (yes, DATSYUK!) all fought to show that the Wings would not be bossed around this season. Pavel registered his first ever 5-minute major for fighting, and in the process completed a Gordie Howe hat-trick (goal, assist, fight).

Modano scored with his first shot in a Wings jersey, and cue the scenes of jubilation as he looked visibly relieved. Modano did well to score, as Cleary was wrestling with two Anaheim defencemen in the slot as Mike shot the puck into the corner.

After the game, Ericsson was ruled out with back spasms, thrusting Jakub Kindl into the roster for the Chicago game.

The players decided not to watch the banner raising ceremony. I expect the players get more focus from an extra 20 minutes in the dressing room, than they would watching the opposition skate around the rink with a banner.

The game itself was pretty end-to-end. Turco looked his usual unpredictable self and a couple of times made moves I’ve seen him do a hundred times for Dallas, but the Hawks defencemen just weren’t ready for them. He gave the puck away a couple of times simply due to the Chicago defence not expecting his slightly unorthodox style of play.

Osgood was given the start for the second game in 2 nights, and proved himself still capable. Despite the lack of faith that I (and many other Red Wings fans) have about Osgood, it was truly heartening to see him put up a W. I have a mental image of him taking off his mask and having the world’s biggest grin behind it.

Filpulla’s winning goal was an accident. The player himself admits that. The puck was mis-controlled, but managed to slide five-hole and Turco was made to regret his faith in his defenceman, as the defender dived to stretch but the puck slid underneath his stick.

So the Wings are 4 points from 4, with 7 goals for, and 2 against. Howard registered a shut-out his opening game of the season, and right now, I don’t think the first two games could have gone much better.

And finally, yes, my blogs will all be titled with huge amounts of illiteration, whether the titles make sense or not!

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  1. This is a weird season, ‘Turco’ now refers to Chicago, ‘Modano’ now refers to Detroit and ‘Niemi’ now refers to San Jose.

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | October 11, 2010, 10:59 pm

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