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Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings: Don’t Stop Believing

Detroit Red Wings“Just a city boy, born and raised in SOUTH DETROIT, he took the midnight train going annnnyyywheeerrreeee”

I bet on that midnight train he was sat next to Chris Osgood, who will of course be trying to hide himself away from the young upstart Jimmy Howard.







J. Howard






C. Osgood






Poor Ozzy. He’s like your old Uncle, who’s lost the plot, and spends Christmas singing Irish drinking songs and talking to the cat, but you love him anyway.

With Conklin in goal last season, you always felt like Ozzy was resting. I mean, you still saw him behind the glass, so it’s not like he was at Daytona Beach with his shorts on, but still, the goal was in safe hands. With Howard in goal, Ozzy must still be on edge. I know I am. Howard is definitely creeping into the hearts and minds of the Detroit faithful. His performances are getting stronger, and even despite the team’s recent run of poor form (including scoring 1 goal in 3 games at one point), he’s building in confidence and last night’s game in St Louis was a good example of that. Even in the shootout, Howard looked composed and in control. I still have a nagging doubt that it’s a small patch of luck and that we’ll soon see the Howard we saw a few weeks ago. Shaky, nervous and slow to react. Obviously, I hope I’m wrong!

Osgood recently turned 37 years old, whilst Howard is just 25. I can’t help but think that Osgood may be starting to wind down his career. I really hope he can still play a backup role, and possibly coaching role to Howard, as the younger goalie emerges into the regular starting netminder. It would be sad to see Osgood lose his touch in the public eye, and drift down the rankings, maybe through the minors etc. This is no disrespect to the AHL or OHL, but more that when fans have a personal attachment to a particular player, you’d rather he hung up his skates (or mask in this case) when he still had the adoration and respect of the people around him. I hate to see great players fade away into minor leagues, and then when they retire, nobody can remember them.

Brendan Shanahan has just retired, and he did it in, what I feel, was the best way. He played until he felt he couldn’t do the NHL justice anymore. I really hope more great players follow in his skatelines and call it quits at a sensible time. Chris Chelios is, in my mind, doing himself no favours playing in the AHL. I hate to say it, but I do feel the Chicago Wolves saw a PR opportunity, and signed Chelios for publicity purposes, rather than to actually use him as an affective defenceman. At nearly 48 years old, most of Cheli’s records are ‘Oldest player to….’, and I can’t see how that’s how he would like to be remembered.

I really hope that if this is the wind down for Osgood, that he passes on everything he can to Howard, and bids a fond farewell to the Joe with his head held high. Then again, this could all be wrong, and it may be that he’s saving himself for the playoffs…

“Don’t stop belieeeeevinng……”

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  1. I still thing John Elway did it right - won two straight then rode off into the sunset. I’m not a huge Elway fan, but he did step down like the happy ending to a Disney movie!

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | November 30, 2009, 11:05 pm

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