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Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings: Sitting On Seven After A Satisfying Start

Detroit Red WingsDetroit are looking ok in the Standings, but busy in the treatment room…again!

Currently 4th in the West behind Dallas (who have 8pts from 8), Nashville (yet to lose in regulation), and Colorado (have 6pts, but above us due to being top of the Northwest), the Wings can feel they’ve had a decent start. 3-1-1 isn’t at all bad for your first 5 games, and I’d have happily taken that if someone had offered it at the season start.

However, there have been issues with injuries already. 5 games in, we’ve lost Ericsson to back problems, Rafalski to knee issues, and now Franzen to a head injury, caused by Fistric’s elbow. Remember I said at the beginning of the season how a lack of enforcer could cost us injuries? I hate being right sometimes, especially over things like this.

All too often, we’re required to call up Grand Rapids players to help fill the gaps caused by injury. Maybe one or two, you can deal with it, but really, 5 games in and we’ve lost 3 regular roster players, including 2 starters?! I’m just waiting on the Calgary Flames game this Thursday to see who else gets cropped and has to leave the ice. We’ve called in Kindl and Janik, both who look a little lost at times, and are making mistakes that all too often leads to a good scoring chance for the opposition. Janik started a fight against seasoned dueller Cody McLeod, which I didn’t think was a good idea, and afterwards, when Janik had regained consciousness and vision, I bet he didn’t think it was such a good plan after all.

On the plus side, we’re pushing on well, and 7 from a possible 10 is respectable numbers for the fans who seem to expect instant success. Despite the wins, we lost to Dallas, and we lost in a shootout to Colorado, but I have to point something out about the Stars game. Why play Osgood? He let in 3 goals off 8 shots in the second period. That’s shocking numbers. It’s also worrying that the Stars only had 15 shots, compared to the 26 from Detroit, but managed to score 4. Seriously, Osgood used to be the saviour, but he’s becoming the talisman for failure, and I really wouldn’t want that to happen to a guy that’s been such a strong player for Detroit over the years.

Maybe we need a bit of luck, or superstition to help us along. Maybe we need to paint a huge mural of Zetterberg with a pig’s nose, standing next to the cup. Hey, it worked for the Blackhawks.

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