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Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings: The Game Scheduler Must Have Failed Geography

Detroit Red WingsSince my last blog, the Wings have been away from home as they completed a 4 game road trip. Detroit headed West after the win in Arizona, and played Anaheim, LA, San Jose, and then, errr, NY Islanders.

Now, can someone please explain to me, how the schedule ended up like this? I’m no geographical genius, but even I know that Phoenix is further West than Detroit, and therefore I don’t mind us heading to Arizona, before we plant ourselves on the Pacific coast for a week. However, at the end of the Western team stint, we should be able to take in a couple of home games, or at least a road game near us (Chicago/St Louis etc), before we end up on the opposite coast. And for just one game, no less. It’s not even giving us chance to settle into a hotel for a few days and play the Rangers, or even the Devils. I’m not going to say it’s the only reason we lost, but it certainly can’t have helped.

I’ll stop complaining after this paragraph, but I just wanted to bring your attention to something. We got stuffed 6-0 by the Islanders right? Yet a couple of days beforehand we beat the high-flying Sharks. Now, I know one teams play is different from the next, so you can’t expect the same strategy to work every time, but I’m sure that the travelling had a really big part to play here.

After my last report on the importance of Thomas Holmstrom’s buns, he promptly injured himself. Thus we’ve had more ice time for the recently recovered Cleary, Filppula and Zetterberg.

The player that has stepped up most in this period of injury, has been Darren Helm. He’s potted 5 goals in the last 5 games, something of a breakthrough, as in his first 55 regular season games, he was able to notch up just 3 goals. If fairness to Helm, he’s never really been known as a goal scorer, even during his junior days at Medicine Hat. His game is more uptempo, a kind of seek-and-destroy guy, if you will. He does a lot of the dirty work and goes places, like the corners, that many scorers would prefer not visit. He’s also not shy of throwing his weight around, and in the final moments of the Kings game, was able to wrestle the puck from O’Donnell, despite having been thrown to the ice, before sliding his shot in the near side to claim a win for Detroit with moments to spare.

Franzen is still a fair way off playing fitness, with his progress described as being able to turn and stop, but that’s about it. The major surgery on his knee was apparently very successful, but only time will tell if the Mule has lost pace, or the ability to mix it up in the opposition zone. Cleary returned after separating his shoulder, and instead of try to bump a few Sharks players first and get the taste for it, Cleary decided to slam Devin Setoguchi into the goal from behind. Setoguchi was obviously displeased and the two decided to fight it out. I suppose that was one way of testing if your shoulder had healed.

And finally, it’s great to hear that Boyd Deveraux is recovering well after suffering a broken neck. Competing at the Spengler Cup in Switzerland, Deveraux was checked with his head down by defenceman Beat Forster. Former Wings, Edmonton, Phoenix and Toronto center, Deveraux is recuperating at home, where he is expected to make a full recovery.

That concludes the report from the Detroit Hospital for slightly damaged hockey players.

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