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Detroit Red Wings

Detroit Red Wings: We’re OK With Being Hated‏

Detroit Red WingsEveryone hates the Red Wings. It’s not a secret, it’s not hidden, and if anything, it brings the majority of the NHL together in a common enemy. Everyone else, at some point, somewhere, has a problem with the Wings.

But d’you know what? We’re ok with that. It’s fine that everyone likes to see us lose, it’s not a problem that all other teams dislike us and our franchise. The hate is bred from envy and fear. Nobody wants to play with Wings in the Playoffs, and so if the Coyotes can take us out early doors, then everyone will be happier.

Don’t mistake this for arrogance, as it’s certainly not intended, but what has become very apparent in this playoff series, is that despite being the lower seeding, the Red Wings were favourites. Every prediction I’ve seen for the playoffs has the Wings making the Conference finals, if not the Cup finals. Every Coyotes forum around has other fans jumping on their bandwagon, and wishing them good luck against Detroit.

Fans from LA to New York are watching this series, and hoping that Phoenix can take us down. Every Coyotes goal is being cheered from Florida to Calgary, and this has firmly placed the Desert Dogs in the spotlight for a good, on-ice reason, rather than their bad, financial problems. Doan is coming through as the main man here. His tumble over Howard in game 3 looked bad, and it’s likely he’ll miss game 4, but yet the fans are still confident, especially after the game 3 win at the Joe. Phoenix are looking stronger than Detroit, and certainly more dangerous, yet nearly all other teams in the post-season are hoping they’ll win.

Make no mistake here. If the Coyotes beat us in the series, then it’ll be due to hard work, determination, and they’ll win on merit. They won’t be easy opponents for anyone, no matter what history you look into.

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One comment for “Detroit Red Wings: We’re OK With Being Hated‏”

  1. People will always hate teams that either win a lot of games or garnish a huge fan base. You can look at football as a prime example. During the 1990’s people hated the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers because of how many Superbowls they were winning and the success of their teams. Now, the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers are hated. It’s a trend that is easy to predict, become successful and watch people hate on the team.

    The Detroit Red Wings are an extremely stable and well run franchise that has now been in the playoffs 18 (I think..maybe 19) straight years. They have 11 (I think) Stanley Cup Championships and people who are fans of the 29 other teams despise the Red Wings for that.

    You can almost take it as a compliment that many people hate your team.

    Posted by pittpenNo Gravatar | April 19, 2010, 11:38 am

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