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Ding Dong…The Relocation Is Dead!

Phoenix Coyotes After 1 year (yes, it has been over a year) of uncertainty for Phoenix Coyote fans and with a black cloud of bankruptcy and financial turmoil that even 50 wins, over 100 points and a playoff run couldn’t squash, it’s time for a little rejoicing. Although it seemed with the bankruptcy and potential owners coming in and out of the picture such Jim Balsillie, Jerry Reinsdorf and Ice Edge Holdings, the team was doomed to be relocated to points North.

And they were ready for them. Seems every citizen in Canada was rooting for the death of the Yotes and I even discovered there was already a schedule created for the new team of Winnipeg….just in case…

However tonight, via my sources within the City Council meeting, I have been informed that the City of Glendale, in a bold yet surprising move has voted unanimously to pony up some funds to keep the team here at least another year. It’s an “insurance” policy designed to keep the team going in Phoenix while the NHL works out ownership details with..well whoever. More details on this as it is revealed.

So for now Phoenix fans can breath a little sigh of relief and start looking forward to pre-season!

Let’s Puck!

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