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Do The San Jose Sharks Play Better Defense With Boucher In Net?

sharksfan So in two games so far this season Brian Boucher has put up some impressive numbers. Although he’s certainly a capable goalie I’m wondering if the Sharks play better defense with Boucher in net simply because he’s not their starter. Perhaps the Sharks take more chances with Evgeni Nabokov in net because they assume he’ll make the big save if need be. So far this year (with last year for comparison):

Goalie Games Played Record Goals Against Average Save Percentage Average Saves Per Game
Evgeni Nabokov 7 5-2 3.11 .875% 25.1
Brian Boucher 2 2-0 0.00 1.000 21.5
Evgeni Nabokov 77 46-21-8-6 2.14 .910% 23
Brian Boucher 5 3-1-1-1 1.76 .932% 20.6

I’m in NO WAY suggesting the Sharks should replace Nabokov, all I’m saying is it’s hopeful that the Sharks ARE capable of playing better team defense if they need to. Not that their record indicates there’s a huge problem with the team but anyone who’s seen them play knows defensive breakdowns are definitely an issue for the New Look Sharks (for a fresh perspective see Ian’s comments here. He finally managed to watch a game and was baffled by what he saw).

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