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Female Coyote Fans..What’s Your Playoff Beard?

Phoenix Coyotes In honor of the Phoenix Coyotes returning to the playoffs for the first time in 8 years, last night’s win against Detroit and the Coyotes Charities Beard-a-Thon, I am reaching out to the lady Coyotes fans on the subject of playoff beards.

The playoff beard is a long standing albeit sexist tradition, where hockey fans grow their facial hair just like the players do during playoff season. Now most women I know, with the exception of a lunch lady or two, are unable to nor do they want to grow a beard. It’s been suggested that perhaps female puckheads let their armpit or leg hair grow. It’s also been suggested that the hair be left to grow in a more..ahem..intimate area. Perhaps grow in a uni-brow? It’s hair, it will grow and it can be shaved or waxed at the end of the playoffs.. It is also very uncomfortable, and for those who have a significant other it can be construed as a tad unfeminine. If any of you happen to find a man who is ok with prickly cactus legs or a bush under each arm please let me know because I could save a fortune in razor blades and waxing!!!

Even the notion of not washing your hair is on the list. That is far too gross, unslightly and probably against my hygiene policy at work to even consider. There is the idea that manicures and pedicures be given up but I present a different, far girlier option for the female fan. I currently have Coyote red on both fingers and toes and could keep it so until the Coyotes finish. And yes, that was a little wishy-washy. My predictions never work out, I am superstitious so there!

So does nail color count? Perhaps I should do a french manicure instead for the Whiteout?? Either way it is way more visually appealing (unlike growing a playoff beard, underarm/leg hair or intimate area) and it shows your fandom in a distinctly feminine fashion.

I supposed I may get some flack for my choice of playoff pride but hey, I’ve said it once and I will say it again “I am still a girl!” Plus the red will contrast very nicely with the whiteout apparel! Don’t judge me..

So all you lady hockey fans, what’s your playoff beard? If you participate in the tradition, I want to know how you do it, where you got the idea and even pictures if you got them!

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2 comments for “Female Coyote Fans..What’s Your Playoff Beard?”

  1. So um, I was kind of unsure about posting this because - after all - this is a family show! Nice work on the Red Wings, our building burst with excitement when we saw your final, then started booing after our team dropped another one….

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | April 15, 2010, 3:19 pm
  2. Well that’s me, always pushing the envelope :) Yes last night was insane! Our arena was intense and it was a great game to watch and be a part of. I have to say I was surprised at your loss but it wasn’t the only one I shocked at last night!

    Posted by Sharon MurphyNo Gravatar | April 15, 2010, 3:30 pm

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