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Philadelphia Flyers

For Flyers It’s Miller Time…

Philadelphia FlyersFlyers 3 - Buffalo 2 The Philadelphia Flyers chased all-star goalie Ryan Miller from the net in the first period of last nights 3-2 Flyers victory. Miller has a way of seeming less than stellar when playing the Flyers over the years, including last years game 7 Flyers win in the first round of the playoffs.

Courturier, Van Riemsdyk and Hartnell opened the scoring in the first period and chased Ryan Miller from the net by 6:23 of the first. Replacing Miller was Jonas Enroth.

As for our goalie, Bryz, I see definite improvements in his game right now. He still seems uncertain at times and still launches rebounds but he looked more confident handling the puck behind the net. He looked completely like himself stopping Thomas Vanek, in the last minute of the game, in close on two shots. These were not easy shots to stop either.

Supporting my theory the refs should not be noticed, they only called one first period penalty to the Flyers. This trend continued with the Flyers being called for three minors and Buffalo being called for none (Not including the fights at the end of the second period). The Sabres were not called for a minor penalty during the game until 3:26 of the third period. Nice job refs, you must not have seen Patrick Kaleta running around hitting people after the play and trying to catch Giroux well after he released the puck. Or Nathan Gerbe slashing everyone in sight.

Please NHL, remove one of the on ice refs and rescind the instigator penalty. You will see a better flow to the game and less serious injuries resulting from guys trying to run guys over with no fear of retaliation. I liked the officiating so much better when I was a kid. One more thing I tend to harp on, the refs were in the way all game long last night.

Kick Saves……
Scott Hartnell continues to impress with his new linemates, Giroux and Jagr. Hartnell has 10pts in his last five games. There is some real chemistry between Giroux and Jagr but Hartnell is fitting into that chemistry very well right now.

Typically defenseman log the most minutes per game, however Giroux lead the Flyers in TOI with 25:01 last night.

Courterier took 6 faceoffs and only lost one. He also opened the scoring in the game. I for one, am glad the Flyers kept him with the big club. I can’t believe he’s 18yrs old.

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  1. Chasing Miller out of the net made headlines on ESPN

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | November 3, 2011, 12:19 pm

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