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Gaining Strength As A Team

Vancouver CanucksIf you are wondering what’s happened to the Canucks so far and thinking that this club is on a journey of self-destruction, telling yourself that this team is never going to win a cup, you may not be alone. When you look at the standings and see Vancouver enmeshed in 13th place in the western conference few fans would question your rational.

Things don’t seem very good at the moment, but ask yourself this is it really likely that Detroit currently sat 11th in the western conference, won’t make the playoff’s or, Colorado will remain in first place. It’s true there isn’t a great deal to smile about for Canucks fans and we can all focus on the negatives but this team is 11th in the league in GF and 8th in SOG so surely there are a few positives.

Let’s not forget that there are a total of five players injured and breaking news is that Kristian Reid from Canucks.com reports Rypien has a tweaked groin, he did not skate this morning, but is expected to play on Wednesday. With that many players recovering at the infirmary is it any wonder Vancouver is 3 – 5. Another reason might be that four of the players expected to fill the gaps on the roster have only played a combined total of sixty three games at the NHL level.

The Canucks are certainly facing a lot of adversity. Such adversity is where being a team is what really matters. Players become closer support each other and pull together. A hockey team doesn’t just exist on the ice it is also a strong unit off the ice. When players spend so much time away from their families and homes, the team becomes their surrogate family. Players will start to bond with each and gain strength from there comrades. The battle will be won, as the team grows stronger. We all remember what this team had to endure when Luongo was injured. The Canucks were able to overcome that problem and with only eight games played there is plenty of time to turn this teams fortunes around. If further proof was needed, the current Stanley Cup champions were sat in 11th place in the eastern conference mid season before righting the ship and eventually winning the cup.

In fact most of us belong to at least one team be it friends, family or work. This week I realized that I was a member of a team. I would like to prove how a team has helped each other to overcome a problem and grow much closer. A month ago I was given the opportunity to blog about the Canucks. I was so excited and proud to be the new blogger for penaltykill.net, especially as I am from a small town in the UK. I decided I would try to repay the site owner by writing at least once a week; I made it my mission to try and find more bloggers, so that we could get even closer to having thirty. I also tried to promote the site anyway I could like printing a t-shirt bearing the penaltykill name. I was and still am very passionate about blogging for penaltykill.

So when I found out that the former Canucks blogger had started posting again I was a little surprised to say the least. I decided to email the editor, as I was now starting to wonder if I was about to be replaced. To my relief this was not the case. I was told that at times their have been more than one person blogging about the same team, but if this was to make things uncomfortable I was to let the editor know. At this point I emailed him back and said I would think about the situation.

You may be wondering why this would pose a problem for me; after all there are lots of websites that have more than one blogger for a team? Well I have a condition called Aspergers Syndrome a form of autism also know as high functioning autism. If you have ever visited the Canucks website Canucks Autism Network you may be familiar with it? For those of you who have never heard of such a condition, no I have no similarities to the character in the film Rainman. One of the ways Aspergers can affect people is by making it very difficult to deal with change, when faced with such situations the person feels great stress and anxiety.

So being someone with Aspergers (or I prefer to say I’m an aspie) the realization that I am now one of two Canucks bloggers meant that I was once again facing change. I decided to seek advice from one of my penaltykill teammates, Green and Gold the Stars blogger. I explained the predicament to him via email. He was able to help me see things in a very different light to the negative drama that was being played out in my world. Thanks to Green and Gold I was actually now beginning to think that having another Canucks blogger was more of a positive thing. When the Stars blogger later sent me a text explaining that the site editor had written a post entitled, Welcome Team Penaltykill - 2009-2010, where he thanked me for finding more bloggers. I realized I didn’t need to worry any more and that I was proud to be a member of such a wonderful team. I would like to say a huge thank you to Green and Gold and the editor for helping me resolve my problem.

If you would like to be apart of our penaltykill team why not contact the editor.

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  1. “Everything works out in the end” this statement is true of your Canucks and your blogging life…

    Posted by PuckGalNo Gravatar | October 20, 2009, 4:02 pm

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