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I’m So Done With Sundin

Admin Icon Mats Sundin signs with the Vancouver Canucks – can we stop talking about him now. I am so sick of hearing about Sundin and I think I’m not alone. Every day during the preseason there was endless conversation about “Is Mats going to play and where?” After the season started the conversation was “Is Mats going to play and where?” Finally, around November the conversation quieted and the discussion turned to other things like, you know, how the season is going. Then in the beginning of December, with the trade freeze approaching, the conversation again turned to “Is Mats going to play and will it be Vancouver or New York?”

Take this morning. On NHL Live they were discussing at length the differences between the situations in New York versus Vancouver – salary cap, team fit and roster moves. The first caller into the show – “I want to talk about Mats Sundin and just what it would mean to the New York Rangers if they signed him”. The next caller – what it would mean to the New York Rangers if they DIDN’T sign him.

Personally I hope the Vancouver Canucks win percentage remains the same. I don’t think it’s fair that some players have the ‘clout’ to be able to sit and wait to see how teams perform before making a decision on where they’re going to play.

But I can hear it now. The focus will be on “When is Mats going to play his first game for the Canucks?” Then it will be “Mats after 5 games, Mats after 10 games” and also “How would things have been different if Mats DID sign with the Rangers?”

Enough – just play.

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