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Mike Modano, Make Your Mind Up Mate!‏

Detroit Red WingsSorry for the lack of blogs. I’ve been recovering from surgery to my jaw. I figured that my medical work was nothing compared to what Kris Draper had to endure after ‘that’ Claude Lemieux hit, and since he went on playing hockey, I should suck it up and be like Kris (and I don’t mean in a ‘grow a beard and hang around on the 4th line not doing much for most of the season’ kind of way).

So, whilst whacked out on painkillers, and still feeling like I could drool on the keyboard at any moment, I thought I’d break my routine of trying to put regular meals into a blender (baked potato through a straw anyone?), and write about the Red Wings off-season dealings.

I wrote in my last blog that the Wings missed out on Derek Boogaard, and that the need for an enforcer was getting quite urgent. Ken Holland has done, well, what Ken Holland wants, and has signed both Jiri Hudler, and then Valterri’s younger brother, Illya Filppula. Now, I’ve no idea if Illya is any good, but when there’s so many L’s in your name, that it looks a bit like a barcode, then it’s worth giving him a shot, just to see what happens. I can’t imagine Babcock will go the pre-season without trying both Filppula’s on the same line, just to see if they have that Sedin-like connection. I expect Illya to play at Grand Rapids for a while, but you never know, especially if there are some injuries, or bad form, then maybe we could see another set of brothers grace the ice. Maybe the commentators would have something else to talk about other than Drew Miller’s brother being Ryan Miller.

Anyway, the main talking point for Wings fans, after Lidstrom’s decision to sign another year, is Mike Modano. The Michigan native is a free agent after being released by the Dallas Stars after a 20 year stint with the Minnesota North Stars/Dallas Stars franchise. Ken Holland has been taking Modano out on dates for a while now, trying to tempt him, and selling the club to him. I can’t imagine they’re cuddling up on the back row of the movies, but still, it’s nice to know the Wings are still trying hard to get their man. After all, when the franchise has a good reputation of getting good seasons out of ageing players, then picking up the highest scoring American-born player ever in the NHL seems like a good idea. He’s also being targeted by Minnesota, who are hoping to tempt him back to the city under the Wild franchise. I guess it then comes down to whether Minnesota can offer Modano more than Detroit, or if Modano’s ties to the City and area are enough to pull him back ‘home’.

Elsewhere, the search for an enforcer continues. Obviously with the decision not to sign Boogaard, the Wings are looking for someone who is willing to drop the gloves, but who also puts a few points on the board. We’ve not had such a player since Darren McCarty in his heyday of the late 90’s and early 00’s. Before then, we had Probert, who sadly passed away recently, aged just 45. Probert put up some amazing numbers, considering the amount of time he spent in the penalty box, and these are often overlooked due to his reputation as a fighter. Look them up and you’ll see what I mean. The 87-88 Playoffs, with Yzerman out injured for the whole post-season bar 3 games, Probert posted a massive 21 points in 16 games.

Now, if we could just find another fighter with exceptional scoring abilities, and fight off every other professional hockey team that would no doubt be desperate to sign him…

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  1. Well, it looks like he finally did because it’s being reported on Fear the Fin and Yahoo news that he has signed a one year 1.25 million dollars.

    Posted by unrulytravllerNo Gravatar | August 3, 2010, 12:25 pm

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