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NHL Fan Survival Kit Part 1

Admin Icon Brian Burke says he listens all the time.  For others (like myself) it’s our only source of reliable NHL programming.  If you don’t have NHL Home Ice on XM Radio I strongly suggest you get it.  Sign up for service, get an inexpensive radio and program Memory 1 to Channel 204.  The programming comes from both US and Canadian sources and is available 24×7.  In addition to NHL Home Ice, XM Radio also broadcasts all NHL games by relaying each home team’s local radio broadcast.  I know, hockey on the radio is as far away from the actual in-arena experience as you can get but if anything it at least shows the score on the display.  To try it out, go to xmradio.com and sign up for a free 3 day trial.  Once you sign up go to ‘Listen Online Now’, launch the player, click on ‘Sports’ in the left nav and select ‘204 NHL Home Ice’.  Oh, and you also get a few hundred other channels of programming too - like music and stuff, and it costs less per month than parking at the arena.

No one contributing to this website has any affiliation with XM Radio - we pay for our subscription just like everyone else.

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