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Detroit Red Wings

Oh My Successful Wings, How I’ve Missed You!

Detroit Red WingsOh yes people, the Wings are back. Fear for your playoff places (and for your silverware in generally), because we’re here to pee on your parade (unless you’re the Oilers, in which case, there’s no parade. Not even a couple of streamers in a gutter somewhere).

The Wings are, in the last 10 games, a blistering 9-0-1. 19 points from a possible 20, and hopefully this will have the Sharks, Blackhawks and Canucks all fighting to lose games to avoid the Wings in the Playoffs.

Where the spark came from, I don’t know. Maybe it was Babcock and Holland winning Gold with Canada, or perhaps the whole top 6 skaters bar, Rafalski and Filpulla, missing out on medals. Whatever it was, it’s worked wonders. Although it’s taken until March, now is definitely the right time to start your hot streak.

So, the matchups for the playoffs look good, and to be completely honest, I don’t think the Wings fear anyone. I don’t believe anyone wants to draw Detroit in the first round, and more importantly, I don’t think anyone expects the Wings to drop out early. Rule by fear, intimidate with skill, terrify with successful history, and steal the puck off the last defencemen’s stick for the 120th time this season. The look on the defencemen’s faces when Datsyuk snatches the puck and throws it towards net is just classic.

After a disappointing season until the Olympics, the Red Wings finally look to be showing signs of the team they know how to be. Here’s to another deep season, and annoying my wife with a huge playoff beard…

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One comment for “Oh My Successful Wings, How I’ve Missed You!”

  1. See - that’s the difference between your team and mine. Your team shows up when it counts and mine disappears. *SIGH* Congrats on the burst and maybe we’ll see you in the playoffs!

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | April 1, 2010, 9:45 am

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