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Detroit Red Wings

Osgood Getting A Bit Long In The Wings

Detroit Red WingsThe idea of these penaltykill.net blogs is to make public your feelings on how your Hockey team is faring, right? So if I was say ‘Meh’, would that suffice?

The Wings form is so back and forth it’s making me feel sick. We’ll string together a couple of wins, and then we’ll lose in OT, sparking back-to-back losses. Then we’ll win (probably in OT or a SO), and then we’ll win our next two. The constant swing from hope and achievement, back to disappointment and frustration, then success and accomplishment, to shame and annoyance. Makes me feel a bit nauseous just writing about it.

Datsyuk scored in last night’s 3-1 win over the NY Rangers, which is his first for 7 games. Really, your first line centre should be lighting the lamp more than that, but it’s Pavel, and he’s got a cheeky grin, so we let him off.

The Detroit website chimes into the NY Rangers report with “Osgood has 395 NHL wins, 3 Stanley Cup rings, and a regular seat on the Red Wings bench”. I mean, come on guys, way to rub it in. They might as well have written “Osgood is old, can no longer cut it, has been replaced by a younger model, and has a silly haircut”. Let’s not take anything away from Howard, who has now racked up a 8-5-1 record this season with a 2.55 goals-against average, and played a blinder last night, stopping Callaghan’s penalty shot at a crucial, game-changing point in the proceedings.

I often wonder what the two goaltenders are like in the dressing room. Osgood could be sitting there, stroking his grey beard with a liver-spotted hand and mumbling about years gone by, and constantly calling Ville Leino “Sergei”, before Nick Lidstrom sits down next to the old man, holds his hand and tells him that it’s not 1994, and Fedorov doesn’t play in the NHL anymore. Osgood grumbles about how things were better when Chris Chelios was around, because at least Cheli knew what he was griping about. Howard will provoke the old man by asking in a loud voice ‘who’s Sergei?’, and then sniggering as Osgood rants off about the youth of today having no respect. Of course, this all happens before Brad May enters the room and everyone suddenly avoids all eye contact and makes a sudden dash for the toilet.

Osgood does have that look and style of being stuck in the late 80’s and early 90’s. His helmet is old school, and I can imagine him shunning the newer full face, decorated helmets because they’re ‘new-fangled technology’. He probably travels to road games listening to Milli Vanilli on his walkman, drives his DeLorean, and dances the running man to MC Hammer.

However, something is definitely missing with Osgood sat on the bench. I remember thinking that if the other goalie was a bit feisty (or Patrick Roy), that Osgood, Vernon, Conklin, and even Hasek would hold their own. I don’t get that feeling with Howard. I think he’d rather try and climb the glass than face a veteran goalie such as Kiprusoff, or Kabi. Osgood, on the other hand, seems to get some sort of Vietnam flashback, and throws his walking/hockey stick away, before taking on the intruder with his bare hands.

You just don’t see that old school, determined, never-say-die, slightly psychotic attitude in young goaltenders now (unless you’re Jonathan Roy).

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One comment for “Osgood Getting A Bit Long In The Wings”

  1. History dictates that your team doesn’t make any moves without a plan. Since all your (unforseen?) summertime losses were forwards, I would suspect that your organization knows what it’s doing at goalie.

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | December 7, 2009, 11:13 am

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