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Phoenix Coyotes: All Stars, Role Models and Ownership Woes..Oh My!

Phoenix Coyotes Yes, she is back and my apologies to 4 people who read me on my considerable absence. And what an absence it has been! The Coyotes have been busy in some respects (raking up the points and sending some boys to the All Stars) and not so busy in others (the nightmare on Coyotes Blvd that is the ownership debaucle). Let’s start with the good stuff shall we?

Keith Yandle. One of the more controversial players we have in terms of likeability. I cite the varying opinions overhead at any given game. “That Yandle’s a good kid” “Damn that Yandle shooting from the point AGAIN!” I tend to take the more neutral point of view in that he definitely has some talent but his judgment can be a little sketchy. Love him or hate him though, our Bostonian made it to the All Stars! Not only has he surpassed last season’s point total but played on Lidstrom’s winning team.

Shane Doan. Voted as one of hockey’s role models, I have to call Captain Obvious on this one. He’s so nice, so respectful, such a great person all around that I WANT to find something dirty on him. Nobody, especially a sports figure, can be this wholesome..there has to be a skeleton somewhere. An Illegitimate child? A DUI? Even just a little underage drinking in high school?? Nope. Clean as a whistle and that is not bad for a failing franchise who is, at best, the red headed stepchild of the NHL most of the time.

The Coyotes are not doing a bad job as repeating last year’s success although there is a distinct feeling of deja vu surrounding it. We always seem to land in the #4-#6 spot this time of year and this season is no different. The Coyotes are in the #6 spot but it’s a very tight race with just 1 or 2 points separating the teams. We are closing in on Nashville and Anaheim but Chicago and San Jose are nipping at our heels. It sure didn’t help that we dropped what should have been a win against the Sharks last night. But onward and upward.

Now the really crappy stuff. We STILL do not have an owner. If you have followed this at all, you may have noticed that the City of Glendale struck up this crazy deal with Matthew Hulsizer paying him millions to buy the team with the idea that it would be recouped later through parking fees and such. Or so I think…the waters are so muddy it’s hard to tell what is going on. Currently parking is free. Now I can’t say that I don’t like that although to keep them around I would pay a few bucks. But all the parking fees in the world are not going to help if attendance doesn’t go up. I know, you’ve heard this all before from me but it continues to be a problem. Attendance has not been all that stellar this season despite the boys’ good play and vibe. The East Valley residents still complain about the drive, most everbody complains about the ticket prices (they do seem to have increase a bit) however there are still promotions such as the buck bash where certain concessions only cost a $1. I wish I could say it is helping. People just need to show up.

Now to add insult to injury the deal that Hulsizer and Glendale are hashing out is under the scrutiny of the The Goldwater Institute, a watchdog group. It has been suggested that even investors from Winnipeg are feeding the Goldwater folks information in order to get them to start a lawsuit. The supposed hope is that Hulsizer would be out and then they can swoop in and take the team back to Canada. Sneaky, sneaky. Of course this all rumor, heresay and optimistic Canadians talking. The NHL denies any problems with the offer and contends that the deal will go through. I just have to wonder if everything is so up and up then why have all the deadlines come and gone and there is still nothing final.

But I am not a lawyer, investor or business person so I guess I will have to sit back and watch it unfold like everyone else. We are in the big push now and the focus needs to be on making playoffs again and maybe, just maybe go just a bit farther than we did last year.

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2 comments for “Phoenix Coyotes: All Stars, Role Models and Ownership Woes..Oh My!”

  1. OMG - you have FREE parking!? Are you kidding me!

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | February 2, 2011, 10:37 am
  2. Of all the things you picked out of that post and “free parking” was it? LOL Yes, sadly we are a bunch of spoiled children who don’t appreciate what we have.

    Posted by Sharon MurphyNo Gravatar | February 2, 2011, 3:01 pm

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