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Phoenix Coyotes: Is Ice Edge Holdings Like a Bad Boyfriend?

Phoenix CoyotesIn light of the recent news stories surrounding the Ice Edge Group purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes, I have to wonder if this transaction is like a bad relationship. Some red flags to consider:

1) They are Canadian.
And we all know that long distance relationships do not work, have you wondering what they are doing on the side and usually end up in a break up via text message.

2) The showering of love and attention and then the disappearing act. All gung ho was the group prior to Christmas then they took a “break” from us and now they are back….

3) They tell you what you want to hear.
Yes we want to buy the Coyotes! Hockey in the desert CAN work! Do we have funding? Well..um..you see about the lease in Glendale…I still don’t understand what THAT is all about.

4) They want to marry you…soon
The letter of intent was signed in December but wedding bells haven’t rung yet and according to the latest Daryl Jones interview it could be weeks or months.

5) They are cheating on you.
Ice Edge wants to buy the Phoenix Coyotes for who they are..but wait there is a mistress waiting in the wings names Saskatoon. They just want to play a few games there but it doesn’t mean anything. We are the ones they truly love…riiiiiight.

And just like a woman in a bad relationship, the Coyotes organization is waiting it out hoping for the ring and that things will change. When do you think they will come to the realization they are “just not that into us”?

I could be wrong and the Phoenix Coyotes could be walking down the aisle very soon. And if it means they get to stay in the Valley then I am putting my stamp of approval on the relationship. Other than that the Coyotes may want to post their profile on a hockey team dating site.

Super hot, underdog team seeking sugar daddy investors….

Let’s Puck!

Howler ain’t the only dog in this situation….

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