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Phoenix Coyotes

Phoenix Coyotes: Just A Few More Weeks…

Phoenix Coyotes..IF we can skate past a lockout! Happy Hockey season.

Lockouts, scary free agency, bankruptcies, owners and investors. Oh my. I get it, hockey is a business. Bills and people need to get paid, finances need to be managed and there are cracks and crevices to hockey that us fans don’t get to see. I do get it but quite frankly I am too busy trying to figure out how to get to the Canadiens and Senators games when they visit Phoenix in November then understand all these ins and outs. If I wanted to analyze a financial nightmare I would just open my checkbook. I invite the NHL, Gary Bettman and Greg Jamison (potential new owner of the Phoenix Coyotes) to figure out THAT fiasco.

I just want to watch hockey. Does that make me a bad fan? I know I should be all embroiled in the day-to-day ticking of the clock drama on all these matters but I’m not. I know that a lockout could happen, I know that the Coyotes are in a bad way and that Greg Jamison has been looking for investors and is supposedly ready to move forward IF negotiations with Glendale go well. Past that though all I really want to hear that is we have picked up a great new offensive player and that Shane Doan is staying. I don’t want to hear that there may be a delay to, or worse yet, no season. In less than 30 days I want to see Zybnek Michalek take Coyote ice again after his sabbatical back East.

Is that so much to ask?

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2 comments for “Phoenix Coyotes: Just A Few More Weeks…”

  1. I hear Jamison had a deal in place, then Glendale changed the terms - what’s up with that?

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | August 30, 2012, 12:54 pm
  2. That’s about right..and what is up with that is that we can’t catch a break to save our lives! Have an owner, wait he doesn’t have money, wait he now has money and wants to push forward but now Glendale wants more..neverending cycle.

    If The Phoenix Coyotes can get through this the Stanley Cup next year will be a piece of cake. Mark my words.

    Posted by PuckgalNo Gravatar | August 30, 2012, 1:47 pm

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