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Phoenix Coyotes: The Wizarding World Of Ray Whitney

Phoenix CoyotesI know it’s been done. You already know that Ray Whitney of the Phoenix Coyotes got his 1000th career point. You know that it was on a beautiful assist to Radim Vrbata and how he pulled the puck out of the net to present it to Whitney.

Yes I know but you haven’t heard it told like this.

Ray Whitney’s nickname is “the wizard” (yes, I know you know that too, indulge me) but it occurred to me how much this “wizard” had in common with another famous “wizard”, Harry Potter. Just go with me on this.

- Just like the wizards and witches in JK Rowling’s tales, Whitney is now in an elite group as well. Only 79 players have achieved this particular glory before.

- While he doesn’t battle Voldemort, Whitney does go toe-to-toe with other vile creatures such as Sharks, Ducks and Canucks (don’t tell me that the Sedin twins don’t make a horrific two headed fantasy figure!)

- He may not have the lightning bolt scar but he does have the most adorable dimples.

- And just like his fictional counterpart Ray is also humble having been quoted as saying “I’m glad it’s over with, because in the end what we’re doing right now is something more important than 1000 points..we’re trying to get in the playoffs.

- He can fly. Defy me, I dare you.

- As in HP sequel after HP sequel, Ray Whitney’s work is never done. A mere 40 seconds after scoring his 1000th he goes for 1001.

So you can see this isn’t as farfetched as you might have thought. His next feat however will likely rival Potter’s final battle with Voldemort..getting past round 1 of the playoffs. Now THAT would be magical..

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