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Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins: Looking For The Lead In The Atlantic

Pittsburgh PenguinsWith two games left before the Olympic break, the Penguins have found themselves in a nice position. They have a chance
of overtaking the slumping New Jersey Devils for 1st place in the Atlantic which would put them in the number 2 seeded position. Currently the Penguins have played one more game than the devils and sit one point behind them. Of course, at this point there is no catching the Washington Capitals for first place in the Eastern Conference as they have been tearing it up.

Now, let’s talk trade deadline. Penguins nation knows that GM Ray Shero is not afraid to pull the trigger on big trades close to the deadline. With every conversation that is ever held in Pittsburgh about trades, we know that people are once again asking for a top line winger to compliment either Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin. There have been some slumping players this year, but in my opinion there is no real player worth trading that will get Pittsburgh what they want. There has also been talk about bringing in a more physical defensemen because at this point the only real good physical defensemen we have is Brooks Orpik.

The problem is that Pittsburgh has around $1 million in cap space. There is not a lot of room to do anything big unless an asset is lost. I am in the mindset that this team might need a little tweak here or there but I don’t want to see any big trades for Pittsburgh this year. I think the team they have is good enough to win it again if they improve their play. They are certainly capable of it. Sergei Gonchar and Kris Letang are free agents this year and there is talk about possibly moving one of them. I am a big Kris Letang supported even if he has had an off year. He is a right handed offensive minded defensemen that can bring a lot to the power play.

Time will tell, but personally I hope Shero only pulls the trigger on small trades, nothing big. I think for a team that has so much of their cap space wrapped up in their core players, the best bet is to use the draft to bring in players from their farm system to fill in gaps which they cannot afford to do in free agency.

Here’s to a safe and productive Olympic hockey season for all players.

Let’s Go Pens!

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