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San Jose Sharks

Playing the Sharks is Playing the Best

There is no doubt that the San Jose Sharks are one of the top teams in hockey this year and come mid June they may prove to be the best. But, in the last few minutes of regulation time on Tuesday night Mats Sundin had a chance to score on a break away. Had he been successful, the Canucks would have gone ahead 2-0 and very likely would have won the game by that score.

Based on their play, the Canucks should never had a chance to win the game let alone keep the lead until less then a minute was left in the 3rd period. That they did proves that in the NHL any team can beat any other team on any given night. This is particularly true in the playoffs and that is why every team has only one ambition each year and that is to finish in the top eight of there Conference.

The Canucks have played poorly since Christmas, but I still believe they will rally and take a playoff spot. If that happens anything is possible. A bad call or a lucky bounce can mean the difference between winning and losing on any given night. So between now and the playoffs, Shark fans should enjoy the season and know that on most nights they are seeing some of the finest hockey possible because every team wants to beat the best and they play their hardest against the Sharks.

The Old Timer
January 24, 2009

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