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Vancouver Canucks

Problems Vancouver?

Vancouver CanucksAlright so Vancouver almost won the cup last year, that’s really great, but what the heck? They have a star line up, but none of them seem to be playing well. Okay so you have/had injuries; Raymond, Rome, Kesler (who has returned), etc. They still have many players who should be able to pick up the slack, so what is going on?

The Sedin brothers are one of the best pairs out there, yet when it comes down to it where are they? Playoffs last year they slacked off and were nowhere to be seen, a major cause of their team’s failure. This year they have been playing a lot better again, now that the pressure is off, but are they really leading the team? Do they need to take a course on leadership and example setting?

Also, Luongo. Schneider has been playing way better than you have. He did during the playoffs and he is again. You are being paid a lot of money and are a top notch goalie, why aren’t you playing at your skill level? And don’t give me that crap about having a bad October, that is just superstitious crap that you have convinced yourself of. If you believe you are going to have a bad October, of course you are going to play bad. You have no good excuse, play better! You are better than you are showing us; make the saves!

As I sit here and watch the Vancouver game against Washington, I can celebrate because they have finally gotten a first goal and have scored another on their first power play. But they have ended up in the penalty box early on once again, and shortly after it ends they let in a goal. If you spend a majority of the game in the penalty box with lazy penalties that should never have been taken, it is really hard to win games. Your players are tired, goalies overworked, and the other team just has too much room to work with. Stay out of the box! Don’t take stupid penalties!

Defensively they have been kind of weak as well. Not enough leg movement happening. You can’t stand in front of the net waiting for things to happen, make things happen! Put on the pressure and don’t give the opposing team any room to work with.

Offensively, where is the finish? They are getting the shots, but don’t seem to be finishing the plays. Follow up and get those rebounds! Be like Kesler; get your butt in that goalie’s face. Don’t be afraid to get hit by that puck. Redirect shots and don’t give the goalie a clear line of site nor any room to work with. Get in there!

Hopefully as the season progresses things will improve, but this has been a terrible start to the season! Rant over…

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  1. Whatever it is it’s both you and the Bruins - it’s a lot of hockey to absorb going to Game 7 like that. I think the Sharks went through some of that last year just getting over the Conference Finals, so much so that the Sharks made a point to NOT let that be an issue again this year.

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | October 30, 2011, 9:42 pm

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