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Robert Luongo Named Canucks Captain

Admin IconWhen I heard the Vancouver Canucks made Roberto Luongo their team captain I thought it was a great move - when you consider his contributions to that team it makes complete sense. What I didn’t understand why the goalie can’t officially wear the ‘C’ so I had to look it up.

Apparently during the stoppage of play the goalie is not allowed to cross the blue line except for equipment issues or to get water. One of the captain’s allowances is to talk to the officials right outside the time keeper’s circle. If a goalie were to try to talk to the officials he’d be penalized for crossing the blue line.

I think they should let him wear the ‘C’ anyway, I’d like to see that on a goalie’s sweater.

One reason behind the move is the idea that they want to let Luongo know how much the team appreciates him in the hopes that he’ll continue to stay in Vancouver.

That’s fine.

But additional speculation is that it’s important to the City of Vancouver that the Canucks remain a good, competitive team to help bring attention to the city for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Some have also suggested that the uniform change, where the city’s name is plastered across the front of the jersey, was also put in place for the same reason.

If those things are true, is that a fair use of a hockey club? I’m sure the organizers of the Olympics have their own marketing budget so why would they need the help of their local hockey club. Is that exploitative or magnanimous?

I think the answer depends on where you live. I know hockey has a different cultural significance in Canada than in the US. In the US hockey gets very little media attention compared to other sports, so it would seem exploitative to suddenly pay attention to your hockey club when the city needs a boost. But I was trying to thing back when the 49ers were in their prime, if they were asked to help San Francisco promote a global event, it would seem magnanimous.

Can anyone from Vancouver offer any insight?

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