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San Francisco Bulls

San Francisco Bulls: Behold The New Team Sweater!

San Francisco BullsAs I wrote last week I work for a company whose primary target audience is women, in particular those with an interest in style and fashion. Sadly I am never mistaken for a fashionista, however I will submit for your consideration that sports apparel and the use of the sports logo has become a huge part of the fashion landscape here in America. The opportunity to be present at the San Francisco Bulls sweater unveiling is the closest I get to covering a fashion-related event (they don’t let me out for New York Fashion Week).

Today the Bulls revealed what the boys will be wearing at the Cow Place come this October. The story goes when thinking of a name for the team they considered the history of hockey in San Francisco - The WHL San Francisco Seals, The Shamrocks, The Spiders, The Sharks (when they played at the Cow Palace). When observing the seals at Fisherman’s Wharf someone pointed out that a male seal is called a ‘bull’ - bull, seals - a connection was being made. But then upon returning to the office someone realized the team was going to play at the ‘Cow Palace’ - you know, cows - bulls, hence the term ‘bulls’ went from ‘bull seals’ to ‘bull cows’. The San Francisco Bulls was born. And the team colors are orange and gold - orange from the San Francisco Giants and gold from the San Francisco 49ers (’Bridging the Divide’ if you will).

And by the way, the home opener is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, October 13th.

And here you go:

ECHL rules apparently dictate that the dark sweater be worn at home for half the season and the white sweater the other half of the season.

And they won’t be on sale for another 3 months.

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One comment for “San Francisco Bulls: Behold The New Team Sweater!”

  1. Cool colors, cool design, cool choice of team name and combination of the colors.

    Can’t wait to buy my sweater - hope you have kids’ sizes, and must now buy orange and gold earrings to match until you make “bull” earrings.

    Good luck for a successful season kickoff.

    Posted by Gale KondoNo Gravatar | March 7, 2012, 3:49 pm

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