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San Francisco Bulls

San Francisco Bulls: Sweater Unveiling March 7th

San Francisco BullsTruth be known I work for a company called Glam Media. Our focus is on women and the topics that interest them - fashion, style, celebrity - and I could easily lose my man-cards working here if it wasn’t known that this is a Pre-IPO tech start-up. My job here is NOT editorial because I’m about as knowledgeable about fashion as I am about Space Shuttle launches.

Or so I thought.

If you think about the landscape of American culture there is an aspect of it where fashion meets sport. And that’s the sports logo. From the simple baseball cap to the team jersey, from your rural high school football team to your favorite European soccer club, the wearing of sports merchandise is probably just as ubiquitous in America as designer fashion. In some places it even trumps designer fashion.

How many pieces of sports gear sit in your closet? How many pieces of designer clothing do you own? And since being a fan is fanaticism, you probably own several pieces of your team’s merchandise. Nothing shows your allegiance better than wearing something with your team’s logo on it.

Well kids, next week history will be made. The San Francisco Bulls are going to unveil their new sweater at a media-only event and yours truly has been invited to be there. That’s right, The ‘Net is all growd up and we’re heading to the Cow Palace to get a look at what hopefully will become a fixture in the San Francisco cultural landscape. Tune in next week to see if I can take any pictures worth a damn. In the mean time since I know you’re all peeing all over yourselves in anticipation I’ve created this ‘artist rendering’ to hold you over. Enjoy.

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