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San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks: A Blur In The Background

San Jose SharksIt’s been a VERY loooong time since I’ve posted. Because the San Jose Sharks continue to swing from very good to very frustrating I still find it hard to focus on any one topic. Any thoughts I have about any trends get demolished during the next pendulum swing, a swing that seems to occur about every three games.

However, in homage to chaos theory, I suppose there are some patterns being spotted within the disorderly conduct of the team. Let’s review:

Logan Couture. I’m as high on him as everyone else but I don’t think his presence is going to help us in the playoffs as much as he might help us get to the playoffs (assuming we do get there). He’s going to hit that rookie wall around Game 50 (which, by the way, is sometime this month), so I would expect his productivity and effectiveness to drop off very soon. On the other hand if he is able to continue his run for the rest of the season and into the playoffs (again, assuming we get there) then the excitement for me would be more around the idea that he’s ‘the real deal’ as opposed to a rookie blip on the hockey radar.

I’m still not sure how hard it is to adapt to a new goaltender. Unless your goaltender is an exceptional puck handler (which our guys are not), all you have to do is two things. One, take away the pass on the odd-man rush and two, clear away the traffic in the crease. Then again I’m no hockey expert but at the end of the day those seem like the fundamentals – and it’s the fundamentals that seem to sometimes be the problem.

Too Much Thinking.
Just pass the puck – sometimes it looks like the Sharks are thinking so much they become paralyzed with indecision. The third period of yesterday’s game against the Buffalo Sabres was an example of how the Sharks CAN play when they just move the puck instead of thinking themselves to death. More I say.

The Captain. I never thought being team captain would make that big of a difference. But if it does, what does the team’s play say about Captain Joe Thornton?

I suppose my indifference towards hockey right now is based not just on the schizophrenic play of the team but also the result of external circumstances. Watching the San Francisco Giants win the World Series was a living, close-to-home example of a team clicking on all cylinders – adding to my disdain over the Sharks’ current state of play. Watching the San Francisco 49ers make big changes in management and coaching are examples of ‘real’ change (verdict of moves not withstanding) versus the incremental changes the Sharks made this past summer.

But all in all the Sharks are still in the thick of things and we still have half a season left. And since in seasons past the Sharks have started the season strong yet ‘slid’ into the playoffs, maybe they’ll do the opposite this season, uncomfortable is it is.

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