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San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks Back On Top And Headed Back To Detroit

sharksfanOn February 16, just one week ago, I discussed my thoughts about the San Jose Sharks most recent road trip and questioned the value of the overtime loss. At that time the Sharks, Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings we separated by a mere 4 points. The Sharks were behind the Bruins by 3 points and ahead of the Red Wings by 1. Today, just over a week later, the Sharks have taken back their lead in the NHL, have extended their lead over the Red Wings to 5 points and are aiming for an ‘everything to gain, nothing to lose’ showdown in Detroit. How did that happen so fast?

One would think the Sharks mentality going into Detroit this Wednesday is much different than when they were there back in December. Having only beaten Detroit the one time at home the Sharks probably entered their second game with the defending Stanley Cup Champions with a lot of expectations and something to prove. Unfortunately they left rather embarrassed. Move ahead to today and the Sharks have successfully defended home ice against the Red Wings. This makes Wednesday’s game less about proving anything as a team and more about just extending your lead in the standings. However if they do win in Detroit it gives provides the added evidence that they can win in that building. If they lose then they know they have to continue to work to maintain as much home ice advantage as they can.

It amazes me how a simple 4-game win streak seems to change everything.

PS – anyone hear anything about Torrey Mitchell?

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One comment for “San Jose Sharks Back On Top And Headed Back To Detroit”

  1. Disappointing loss by the Sharks last night. Sharks showed little heart and were totally outworked by the Wings. Surprising no one retaliated by the boarding on Joe Thornton. Granted, the officiating could have been better, but the Sharks better get use to this as this is how it’s going to be in the playoffs. I would have liked the Sharks to at least send the message you can not run our best players. Spill a little blood now and stick up for each other. Same against the Kings when Patty was boarded. Who came to their defense? Setoguchi and Ehroff? Please. Don’t know how Toronto could have reversed the goal by Pavs since they had the same replays as Comcast was showing.

    I would have liked to see Brian Boucher in net instead of Nabby, just to see how he plays against Detroit. Nabby is letting in some soft goals and plays poorly against Detroit. Lemieux and Shelly combine for about 8 minutes of ice time? I thought these guys are supposed to be role players and get under the skin of the opposition. I don’t like to second guess Todd McCullen but maybe we should not juggle the lines so much against the top teams and stick with what works. I know he is trying to keep other teams guessing and is priming the team for the playoffs, but maybe we experiment against Ottawa and Montreal instead of Detroit and Calgary.

    At least we play tonight and can rebound quickly. I guess we see Boucher in net.

    Keep the faith Boy.


    Posted by FC Sharks FanNo Gravatar | February 26, 2009, 9:59 am

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