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San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks Bring The Heat(ley)

San Jose SharksYup - I sure did write the worst title in the history of blogging, but it’s my blog and I can write what I want! I was fortunate enough to attend last night’s San Jose Sharks home opener and I can tell you it was definitely an emotional night. I honestly had very low expectations prior to the game, the Sharks haven’t shown a whole lot of confidence in two of their first three games so I was preparing myself for the worst. Come the end of the first period my expectations sank even lower, the Sharks played some very poor hockey.

But then came the second period. That second period was one of the best periods of hockey I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. When it was over I thought, how can the 3rd period top that? Well, how about a penalty shot and a hat trick - both firsts for me (and my nephew) to witness live, in the tank. It was quite an evening, I’m still pretty tired right now.

I’ve come to know a lot of NHL players’ names and their reputations, but because the NHL doesn’t get the coverage of other sports I haven’t actually seen a lot of players in action. When the Dany Heatley trade was being bounced around all I had to go on was his repuatation as a goal scorer (a positive), his repuation of asking for trades (a negative) and the reputation of Doug Wilson of not making fear-based moves (a faith). Having seen Heatley in action I can say he’s definitely one of the top skaters in the game, but whether or not he’s worth the price we paid in salary, players and picks remains to be seen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s here, but he’s just one guy - we really need to get all 4 lines rolling if we want the success we’re all after. And yes he has 4 goals in 4 games, but so does Devin Setoguchi!

The 3rd and 4th lines definitely need more time together to get their chemistry working, however it seems like Scott Nicol, Benn Ferriero and (of course) Dany Heatley are starting to fit in nicely. On the other hand, at the expense of our defense, it looks like Kent Huskins and Jason Demers still need some work. It looks like Demers needs some more incubation time down in Worcester, he’s not quite ready yet (where is Derek Joslin?)

Some of the things missing from last night’s home opener was the free ice cream truck and the magnetic schedules. Considering how low my expectations were going into the game, I got myself excited about the few things you can normally count on at the home opener - ice cream and magnets work just fine for me. I found out that the magnetic schedules are actually being given out at Saturday’s game against the Minnesota Wild - I’m not happy about that.

Some of the new things were the rafter banners - they added 3:

Pacific Division Champions 2008-2009
President’s Trophy 2008-2009
Western Conference Regular Season Champions 2008-2009

That last one really has to go, I think it’s stretching it a bit. You don’t win your conference unless you get the the finals, and the President’s Trophy banner implies you led the West after 82 games.

Which reminds me, we still have 78 more to go…

PS - FC Sharks Fan, a regular here at The ‘Net, left the game after the 2nd period because he had to get up early for work today. I’m sure Heatley’s hat trick was just as exciting on the radio as it was at The Tank.

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One comment for “San Jose Sharks Bring The Heat(ley)”

  1. You would not believe how much crap I’ve been taking for leaving the game early. I guess I deserve it. Not only did I miss the hat-trick, but also the salute to the fans at center ice by the Sharks. I like it and I hope they keep it.


    Posted by FC Sharks FanNo Gravatar | October 12, 2009, 1:01 pm

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