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San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks Buidling For The Long Haul

sharksfanI’ve mentioned before that my standards for a successful sports franchise is based on the San Francisco 49ers. Their record of success from 1980–1995 is considered by some the most successful dynasty in all of sports. I know that in the modern era of professional sports that kind of sustained success will probably never happen again, however I truly despise franchises that spend and build for one great season, then dismantle and become uncompetitive for the next several seasons.

I enjoy the San Jose Sharks because they’ve been so competitive over the last few years. When you plan the time and spend the money to go to the game you want to know that there’s a good chance you’ll leave the building a winner. I too want to win the hardware and I’ve been as disappointed as anyone at not getting deeper into the playoffs, but the last thing I wanted to see my team do was spend to win now then end up unable to compete down the road because management over-mortgaged our future.

So when the Sharks did what they did this year, spend all the way up to the cap, trade away picks and take on some large contracts, I worried that we might be making too big of a push now and not considering the impact on the future.

Pierre LeBrun at espn.com wrote a nice article about how the Sharks have been built to last. The article quotes Dan Boyle as saying one of the reasons he agreed to come to San Jose was because the Sharks let him know they were building for the long term. If anyone knows what it’s like to be in a place where great success is followed by great disappointment it would be him and his time with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Given the age of some of the players the Sharks think we’re on the cusp of a 5 year run of some of the best Sharks hockey ever seen. Since the Sharks are an organization that tends to follow up its words with action I’m have no reason to doubt that, before it’s all said and done, they’re making a push to leave their mark on the NHL.

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