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San Jose Sharks Fans Thank You To San Francisco Giants Fans

San Jose SharksSunday morning my friend was driving down to the South of Market area in San Francisco. There’s an intersection where, on one side, you have AT&T Park – home of the San Francisco Giants. On the other side you have the CalTrain train station. My friend noted that a group of Giants fans were screaming and yelling. Upon further inspection it turned out that the group was NOT screaming at Oakland A’s fans, the Giants’ opponent for the day, but a group of Vancouver Canucks fans walking towards the CalTrain station on their way to HP Pavilion. Giants fans I sincerely appreciate the home-town support, I’m sure you’re salute to them was something I could be proud of.

On a bleaker note the Sharks Nation is down to its last loss of the season. Sports lore is filled with stories of overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, heroic comebacks of epic proportions and the ever-popular tale of David slaying Goliath. For the San Jose Sharks, however, such tales have yet to be written. Will this be the year? At least now the future of the season is crystal clear. Lose and go home.

On another note I’m curious what you folks think. Is it possible that, despite whatever happens this year, the Sharks are capable of getting to the Western Conference Finals again next year? To do so would make it three years in a row and I’m not sure how often that happens in hockey in general let alone have it happen to the Sharks.

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