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San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks Get Ready To Slog Through February

sharksfanDictionary.com defines ‘slog’ as a verb meaning ‘to walk or plod heavily; to toil’. The guys on NHL Home Ice describe the period between the All-Star Break and mid-March as the time where a lot of teams start to lose a little focus. If you’re a team that’s not very good, or a team that’s pretty much a given to make the playoffs, the next few months become mundane as teams try their best to maintain their playoff position without killing themselves in the process. The San Jose Sharks, along with the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings are considered teams in that category. No one doubts how good either of these teams are, it’s all a matter of making sure you peak at the right time without falling into a slump you can’t escape.

For the Sharks, February always means at least one long road trip – the likes of which we are not on the cusp. Here’s what the three teams are facing in the remainder of February:

San Jose Sharks – 3 games at home, 9 away
Away games comprise two road trips of mostly east coast games

Detroit Red Wings – 7 games at home, 5 away
Red Wings never leave home for longer than 2 road games and all games are in the eastern and central time zones

Boston Bruins – 5 home games, 5 away
All away games comprise one road trip all of which is on the east coast

Quietly making a run at things are the Washington Capitals – 6 home games, 4 away
The away games consist of one 3 game trip that never leaves the eastern time zone.

Clearly the Sharks have the more difficult February and to see how things pan out, here are the current standings:

Boston Bruins - 84 points, won last 4
San Jose Sharks – 78 points, lost last 2
Detroit Red Wings – 73 points, won last 2
Washington Capitals – 70 points, lost last 1

Notable Games:

Feb 10 Sharks @ Bruins 4pm PT
Feb 28 Capitals @ Bruins 10am PT

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