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San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks - It Is The Red Wings…Again

San Jose SharksI have to pick a side. If I don’t then what’s the point of watching sports? And when picking a side I have four buckets to choose from – The San Jose Sharks (Bucket 1), teams I hate (Bucket 2), teams that don’t bother me (Bucket 3) and teams I don’t care about (Bucket 4). Whenever I watch a non-Sharks hockey game my mind immediately starts churning to bucketize the combatants (if you’re interested this is what my brain sounds like when it churns):

The Detroit Red Wings fall into Bucket 2 (note: I use the word ‘hate’ in the sports definition of the word, it’s not like I wish their entire team would get hit by a bus).
The Chicago Blackhawks also fall into Bucket 2.

However when they were playing the Vancouver Canucks the Blackhawks moved from Bucket 2 to Bucket 3. Somewhat conversely the Vancouver Canucks, who usually reside in Bucket 4, moved to Bucket 2. In my world teams can move from bucket to bucket and they can do so almost on a daily basis. Nothing would bring me more joy that to make it to the Finals after going through Chicago and Detroit (if, for nothing else, but the street cred). The caveat was I wanted that journey to be in that exact order. I felt that being swept by the Blackhawks last season would be a great motivator for the Sharks this year. I also felt that all those hockey axioms – ‘having to shake off the rust after several days between games’ and ‘losing that rhythm’ – do NOT apply to the Red Wings. Those were my emotional reasons for moving the Blackhawks from Bucket 2 to Bucket 3. My pragmatic reason was if the Blackhawks beat the Canucks the Sharks would move up to top seed in the West.

You know yesterday was a great day. I was a better employee, the sun was shinier, my car got better gas mileage – all because the stress was finally off and we were simply sitting around waiting to see who the Sharks would play next.

Then we found out we get the Red Wings.

Today the sun isn’t as shiny and I want to buy a new car (I’ll keep my job though).

I suppose if you’re going to be in the Western Conference the road to the promised land will almost always go through Detroit, kind of like the road to the Super Bowl always ran through Candlestick Park. Hopefully in Detroit they’re thinking the same thing – the road to the promised land runs through San Jose. I doubt that’s what they’re thinking.

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