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San Jose Sharks Karma + Leaving Work Early In February

sharksfanIf you believe in karma then maybe the San Jose Sharks have one in the bank. I talked about the “controversy” surrounding the Detroit Red Wings and the NHL’s unofficial sanctions against Nicklas Lidstrom and Pavel Datsyuk for missing the All Star Game. Both players had to sit out one game for ‘shunning’ the All Star Game which, in my opinion, was reasonable (my reasoning found here). Dan Boyle, on the other hand, has missed two games (and counting) since going to the All Star Game. It turns out Boyle’s injury wasn’t a result of the All Star Game but he had been playing through some pain leading up to the break. After playing in the game he decided to take some time off to rest. There’s your difference – all three players had nagging injuries but Boyle decided to show up at the NHL’s showcase event but the Red Wings did not.

Since then the Red Wings have lost 3 in a row (5 games total since the Sharks beat them). The Sharks have won 2 in a row. Karma?

The Sharks get ready for their February road trip brought to you by the SAP Open, the tennis event that takes over the HP Pavilion for one week every year. The Sharks will be on the road for 9 out of 13 games in February – two road trips of 5 and 4 games apiece. The Sharks have a so-so road record in February, going 5-3 last season and 4-4 two seasons ago. Notable games are Feb 10 at the Boston Bruins and Feb 25 at the Red Wings. February has a lot of 4:00/4:30 starts – be prepared to leave work early.

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One comment for “San Jose Sharks Karma + Leaving Work Early In February”

  1. Wow! Didn’t realize that the reason for the insane February road trips were because of the SAP Open. Hmmm. Good thing I already don’t like SAP software, cause if I did, I’d sure hate it now.

    Looks like I’m going in to work early so I can get home in time for the games. Even though I can DVR the game, sometimes it’s not the same. Especially since I get text message alerts. I make a point not to look at them, but it does make me wonder who’s scored, and what type of game it is.

    Once I was in a meeting with clients and the meeting ran over. I had 19 text messages…that meant a lot of scoring by someone (luckily it was the Sharks). It took everything I had not to 1) read the text messages, 2) run out of the meeting as fast as I could. I now shut off my cell phone for late evening meetings.

    Posted by Sharks247No Gravatar | January 31, 2009, 4:05 pm

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