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San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks ‘Kind Of A Must Win’ Against The Vancouver Canucks

San Jose SharksIf you want home ice advantage throughout the playoffs then it goes without saying that a game against the number one team in the league qualifies as one of those ‘must win’ games. However with just 15 games left and behind by 11 points it seems highly unlikely that the San Jose Sharks can catch the Vancouver Canucks for the lead in the West. Strange, however, is that to take the West from the Canucks the Sharks have to make up the 11 points and jump over the Detroit Red Wings in the process. But if you look at the NHL as a whole, the Sharks need to make up those same 11 points but jump over 5 teams. Why is that strange? I feel like it has been quite a while since Eastern Conference dominated the standings. Is this because the East has gotten stronger, the West has more parity - or both?

Whatever the case the Sharks have won 9 out of their last 10 games. What irritates me about that is the only loss, Saturday to the Dallas Stars, was the game I went to. So Tuesday I went out and got tickets to tonight’s game with the explicit hopes of 1) watching the Sharks win and 2) watching a the Sharks win during one of those epic games. But at the end of it all, it is more about the two points separating the 3rd place Sharks and the 2nd place Detroit Red Wings than it is about closing that 11 point gap.

I really want to see a winner tonight - it’s been a while…

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  1. [...] the standings and the push to the playoffs, all I wanted to see at the game last night was a “…Sharks win during one of those epic games.” Well…although they didn’t win the game WAS rather [...]

    Posted by NHL Hockey penaltykill.net | San Jose Sharks - Be Careful What You Wish For | March 11, 2011, 10:40 am

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