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San Jose Sharks: Life As A Full-Season Ticket Holder - Day 1

San Jose SharksI’ve been a partial season ticket holder to the San Jose Sharks going on my (I think) 4th season now.  It’s been a great way to get regular tickets to the games, have access to tickets to one game per round in the playoffs, and generally feel like you’re part of the franchise instead of just a fan of the team.  The problem with being a 10-pack holder is you get different seats every year and the playoff tickets they assign you are not in the same place as your regular season tickets.

Last year, as a result of my partial season ticket ownership, I got to purchase tickets for the first home game in Round 1, the second home game in Round 2, the third home game in Round 3 and the first home game in The Finals.  That’s a great deal because you pay face value for the tickets and you don’t have to pay Ticketmaster fees and all that other stuff they charge you.  However I ended up going to just about every playoff game I could and the tickets I got through Ticketmaster cost over twice as much as the one’s I got as a season ticket holder. It was getting really expensive!

Then when the Sharks were going to play the Detroit Red Wings in Game 7 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals we were able to get a pair of tickets from friends who are full season ticket holders.  The tickets were all the way up in the second to last row of the upper deck on the end where the Sharks attack twice.  Granted they were way up there but the pair of tickets cost less than (I think) $70.  Think about that, $70 for two tickets to a Game 7 against the Red Wings!

So it turned out that a pair of full season tickets opened up in that very same section right next to our friends who sold us those Game 7 tickets - so my girlfriend and jumped on them!  Now we’re the proud owner of full season tickets and nervous as hell about how we’re going to get to so many games during the season.  We’ve already managed to sell some of them on StubHub but we still have a lot of games to either go to, sell or give away.

But whatever money we might lose on unused tickets will definitely be made up in the money we save on playoff tickets.

Which takes me to another issue.  Now I understand why it’s so important to go deep in the playoffs.  MANY season ticket holders do so for access to playoff tickets - not all, but many.  I’m counting on the Sharks to make another deep run in the playoffs to justify my purchase of these tickets.  The reality is that it’s not exactly going to be easy to make it to at least the Western Conference Finals 3 years in a row.  But hey, you gotta have faith that this is the year!

The Sharks organization do a really great job with their season ticket holders, both partial and full.  Everyone in the organization that I’ve spoken to - my 10-pack rep, my full season rep and the group sales rep - are all really great and take good care of you.  In fact we got to attend a great season ticket holder event called ‘Teal & White’, which was supposed to be the topic of this post but I’ll save it that for tomorrow!

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