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San Jose Sharks: Missing The Playoffs And Their Not-So-Magic Number

San Jose SharksEntering the game against the Anaheim Ducks the San Jose Sharks controlled their own destiny. Two games and two losses later they no longer control their own destiny (well, they kind of do but it’s highly dependent upon other teams also controlling their own destiny). The Sharks have 9 games left in this very ‘uncomfortable’ season. The last 4 games of the year are against the two teams they are chasing. My math says that if the Sharks want to take any kind of control of their playoff chances they must win at least two of their next three games. Failure to do so would put them too far behind to have any kind of chance of winning the Pacific Division. And failure to win the Pacific Division most likely means missing the playoffs.

The good news is the next three games are at home. The bad news is it starts off tonight against the defending Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins (I’ll be at the game by the way, probably rocking back and forth in my seat like I’m waiting for the psych unit to start the intake process).

The problem I have with this season’s less than stellar performance is what I’ve learned about hockey. I never pretended to know what it takes to win an NHL game, build an NHL team or evaluate an NHL player. I’ve also not relied on the press for insight because they’re in the business of ‘selling papers’ so they say what they need to say. But after meeting Coach Pat Curcio of the San Francisco Bulls and picking his brain on what it takes to win hockey games, the difference between talent and hard work, and what it takes to win a championship, I’ve been contaminated with the idea that the Sharks are just not willing to put in the effort to win hockey games. The exception of course is if they’re injured. Or if they are playing with all their heart then we lack the talent to compete at a championship level.

It’s hard to stay positive. I think I was better off before – ignorance is bliss.

Whatever the problem all I know is if the Sharks miss the playoffs I’ll save a ton of money on playoff tickets, money I’ll pump into season tickets for the San Francisco Bulls. For now it really does come down to one game at a time starting tonight against the Bruins. When I bought tickets to this game it looked like a great opportunity to see how well we’ll match up going into the playoffs, but now it’s shaping up as a game to see if we can even compete at a championship level.

Just win please…

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