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San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks Pre-Season Hockey Or Fight Night At The Tank?

San Jose SharksI finally made it to my first game of the year last night (albeit a pre-season game) and I realized that, come next Saturday, I’m gonna be jumping on that roller coaster that is the San Jose Sharks National Hockey League Campaign for 2011 through 2012.  Things are gonna be different this year:

  1. Full season tickets: CHECK
  2. Sweaters washed: CHECK
  3. 10-Pack: CHECK
  4. Extra games for sale: CHECK
  5. Found places to park for free near the arena: CHECK
  6. Found an independent way to get to the arena on public transportation: CHECK
  7. Identified all the new food vendors including ice cream locations: CHECK
  8. Emotional fortitude to withstand another playoff run: WORK IN PROGRESS

From what I could see way up in the roof of the building Thomas Greiss looks really good.  He definitely has quick legs - the quickest I’ve seen of any goalie in a quite some time (he’s young and well rested but, whatever).  The defense also looks much more ’solid’ which it should given the trades made this year. Hopefully this means we’re going to ‘get’ exactly what we traded for - shut down defense when needed.  And offense looks good but is really going to require some younger guys to step up if we want the kind of depth we had last year (but that’s stating the obvious).  I feel like Jamie McGinn has to make his mark this year as he’s spent the better part of the last two years doing the Worcester shuffle, and Tommy Wingles is showing some serious speed which could be helpful.

And speaking of speed - Martin Havlat was missing again last night (he was also missing from the ‘Teal & White’ event).  I’ve been anxious to see if this guy is as fast as advertised by haven’t seen hide nor hair of him.  Injured?

It also got really chippy last night.  There were 3 fights and a pair of un-sportsman-like conduct penalties all within the last 3 minutes of the second period.  It looked like some kind of mma workout program out there last night!

I sat there during the pre-game and looked at all those ‘Pacific Division Champion’ banners and asked myself when we’re going to stop collecting just PDCs and start collecting shiny silver things.  Maybe this year!

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