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San Jose Sharks

San Jose Sharks: Sharksfan Reminded Why We Are Here

San Jose SharksJust over two years and 180+ posts ago I started this blog. My inspiration was a column by a local sports writer who criticized San Jose Sharks fans for believing in a team unworthy of being believed.

Back then life was much simpler. I used to go to games with my then 10-year old nephew. I’d get us tickets, we’d go to The Tank in our sweaters, we’d get our chicken nuggets, we’d watch the team warm up. He’d watch the game on the big screen (Me: “Can you follow the game?” Him: “I watch the TV!”), he’d do all the chants and rallies, and we’d go home happy - win or lose.

It is from this perspective that I rallied against Ray Ratto’s column. For me it was all about that experience. Certainly the goal is for my nephew and me to be in the building when the Sharks hoist the cup, but otherwise it really is - as it should be - about the experience like I just described.

Things have changed. I am a partial season ticket holder and have tickets to 20+ games this season. We had a group of 8 at the home opener. I need a spreadsheet to help me keep track of who’s going to which games. I think I was at all but one home playoff game last year. My mother now has more Sharks swag than me and my nephew combined. My girlfriend updates me about the latest Sharks news. It’s bananas. I have tickets to tonight’s Detroit Red Wings game. And now I’m sitting here all uppity and bothered because the Sharks are currently not even a playoff team. I’ve been so stressed out about the apparent decline in the team that I can’t even get myself to listen to NHL Home Ice.

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?! I know that I have nothing to complain about. I know I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to participate in the Sharks season to the extent that I do. But as with most things I get carried away and forget how I got here in the first place.

Tonight it’s just about the Red Wings - nothing more and nothing less. The best games this year will be the one’s I go to with my nephew. And if we just barely make it into the playoffs, well the San Francisco Giants made it in on the last day of regular season…

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One comment for “San Jose Sharks: Sharksfan Reminded Why We Are Here”

  1. It was a rough loss to the Wings last night. And it is true that the Sharks seem to have taken a step backward this year, but they are still competitive. It has been said ad nauseum but the problem with this year’s team is their inconsistency. Once they figure out how to start playing good consistent hockey, they will once again be a force to be reckoned with. Right now, they are four points out of leading the Pacific, and they have been playing terrible hockey for most of the season. Just imagine what will happen when the pieces really start to come together, but of course, those pieces need to start felling into place sooner rather than later, especially now that they have an extended road trip ahead of them.

    Posted by unrulytravllerNo Gravatar | December 1, 2010, 6:29 am

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