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San Francisco Bulls

San Jose Sharks Vs. San Francisco Bulls And The Schedule Spreadsheet Of Doom

San Francisco Bulls Let me start off by saying that I know I’m not going to get a lot of sympathy for my situation.  I completely understand that this problem is of the ‘luxury’ variety.  Many people have much more important things to worry about (actually myself included).  The point here is how the continuing NHL labor dispute can create a real divide between you (the NHL) and your customer (the fans).

I’m in my second year of owning a pair of full season tickets to the San Jose Sharks.  I also have an additional 3 seats by way of Sharks 10-Game SharkPaks (I often to go games with a few family or friends and need the additional seats). I also have 4 12-Game Mini-Plans to the San Francisco Bulls. This means I have 66 game days out of 81 total home games for both teams (44 full SJS + 10 partial SJS + 12 partial SFB out of 44 SJS home games + 37 SFB home games). I love hockey but not that much.

So to reconcile it all I put on my obsessive compulsive hat and create the 2012-2013 Hockey Ticket Spreadsheet of Doom.  First I put down every home game for the Sharks.  Then I add a column for each of the games included in the Sharks 10-Pack I hope to get.  Then I add the games from my Bulls 12-pack.  I end up with a spread sheet containing 56 rows and 7 columns.  Note that these tickets are co-owned by myself and my girlfriend.  Now here are the rules:

  1. We go down the schedule and pick games we want to keep and games we want to put up for sale.
  2. San Jose is 45 minutes away from where we live.
  3. The Bulls play 5 minutes away from where we live.
  4. Priority is given to weekend Sharks 10-Packs when we can possibly take my nephew and/or her son.
  5. Priority is given to weekend Bulls games when we can possibly take my nephew and/or her son.
  6. Consideration is given to Sharks opponents we want to see (division rivals, Minnesota, Boston, Detroit).
  7. The most we can typically handle is one game a week.
Here’s a sample of what I end up with:

We were able to put this together rather easily and as long as we can sell the majority of the games we put up for sale everything will go smooth as silk.  The problem is the NHL.  If there’s any alteration to the season, either due to a lockout or a strike, this entire thing goes out the window.  Between our schedules, two school calendars, joint custody issues, vacations and other various commitments, the threat of changes to the NHL schedule adds a degree of stress that I don’t feel we should endure.  The hockey season is six months long.  Is it fair that your customer has to put organizing a half a year of their life on hold while you sort out who’s going to get what part of billions of dollars?!

The shining star here is the San Francisco Bulls.  Not only do I get to submit a list of the 12 games I want in my 12-Game Mini Plan, there is also a small degree of flexibility during the season should something come up with one of my games.  And right now anyone can give the Bulls a call and create any ticket plan they want - from a single group ticket to a handful of games.  If you’re interested in Bulls tickets I suggest you contact Jason Lockhart at 415-469-9843 or jasonl@sfbulls.com. Tell Jason Penaltykill.net sent you!

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5 comments for “San Jose Sharks Vs. San Francisco Bulls And The Schedule Spreadsheet Of Doom”

  1. haha! I think we must live in about the same area and like you, I’m relying on the Bulls to save me from a potentially NHL-less October.

    My dilemma is what to do opening Bulls game - I was considering heading down to Anaheim to catch the Sharks first game, but that is the 1st home game for the Bulls which I want to see as well. Decisions decisions.

    Posted by AngieNo Gravatar | August 20, 2012, 5:16 pm
  2. @Angie - We’re sticking with the Bulls, you only get one first FIRST game ever! Did you know you can go to the Cow Palace on October 3rd and watch their only home exhibition game for free?

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | August 21, 2012, 8:39 am
  3. Ok,yes I can’t feel sorry for you but very impressive spreadsheet and I love your commitment to both teams. LOL

    As far as a lockout? Life just couldn’t be that cruel! I have no other backup team since the Roadrunners left and sometimes I need a little big boy hockey as opposed to the little ones..

    Posted by PuckgalNo Gravatar | August 22, 2012, 9:51 am
  4. [...] a fan I want stability.  I’m also not happy that, as a season ticket holder, I have to put my schedule in jeopardy because I can’t accurately plan around the hockey season.  But with the San Francisco Bulls spinning up operations this year at least I have some outlet [...]

    Posted by NHL / ECHL Professional Hockey penaltykill.net | The NHL/NHLPA Contract Negotiations Simplified | September 17, 2012, 11:38 am
  5. Hey Admin ! You write awesome post, .Thank You.

    Posted by Lue MantiaNo Gravatar | February 20, 2014, 6:26 pm

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