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San Jose Sharks

Sharks Playing As The Team They Were Built To Be

sharksfan For the first time in San Jose Sharks history they’ve starting off the season 4-0 after beating the Columbus Blue Jackets 5-2 on Tuesday night. Once again scoring came not only from different players within the game but it also came from different players compared to their other games. Getting into the act tonight was Milan Michalek, Patrick Marleau and Marc-Edouard Vlasic. After 4 games it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Sharks are the team Doug Wilson built them to be.

Over the years the role of the professional sports General Manager has become increasingly more visible. The person whose job description is ‘…in charge of player personnel’ has apparently become as important to a team as the head coach. Having said that even though we’ve all heard this I’ve never been able to actually see just how much the front office matters. I’ve always thought if the GM gets quality players then a good coach can develop a quality team. If your team does not have a good eye for talent then it doesn’t matter how good your coach is, your team will not be championship material. If you team DOES have an eye for talent (as well as an ability to manage the salary cap), then a good (doesn’t-have-to-be-a-great) coach will produce a winner.

Case in point, some people said Pat Riley couldn’t lose when he had Kareem, Julius and Magic on the team. It wasn’t until he won with Miami that he was validated as a coach.

So with all the talk of the talent on the Sharks team but their inability to get past the second round you had to wonder if maybe the talent wasn’t quite what it was marketed to be. But after reading XM Radio’s Trigger article on Ron Wilson I can see how having the GM and head coach on the same page makes a world of difference.

I think it’s easy to see why the Sharks had a hard time responding during the past playoff grind - I don’t know of anyone who responds well to that kind of leadership. Not only that but I give the players even more credit for stepping up and making the kind of playoff push they made last year given the coaching style they were working with.

I’ll admit, I was nervous when we fired Ron - his regular season record was impressive.

But now, even thought it’s only 4 games, Doug Wilson’s hiring of Todd McLellan looks like sheer genius. Todd McLellan’s philosophy matches Doug Wilson’s vision, and the results so far have been spectacular. The true test comes over time where we’ll have to see if McLellan makes any ‘rookie’ mistakes or, with the talent on the team, we’re seeing what happens when the whole organization is on the same page. Stay tuned….

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2 comments for “Sharks Playing As The Team They Were Built To Be”

  1. I am just glad they finally spent to the cap. But I still will remain skeptical until I see they are never satisfied, and I will not be satisfied myself until we win in the second and third rounds.

    Posted by MJ KasprzakNo Gravatar | October 16, 2008, 12:08 am
  2. wow u were up all night

    Posted by adminNo Gravatar | October 18, 2008, 10:45 pm

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