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Sharks Prepare To Get Even Better - Torrey Mitchell’s Return Imminent

sharksfan Torrey Mitchell, remember him? One of three Sharks I would say stood out in last year’s playoff run (along with Patrick Marleau and Joe Pavelski). Reports are that he’s 3-4 weeks away from returning, but to do so he’ll need a roster spot. Someone has to go - who will that be?

A Sharks fan in Foster City has an interesting idea - the Sharks might want to trade Jonathan Cheechoo. I know Cheechoo is a fan favorite, myself included, but it kills me that he’s been so oft injured and hasn’t produced like he did two seasons ago. I don’t know if anyone noticed but Cheechoo was demoted to the third line a few games ago and if anything, Mitchell’s return would be to the third line.

In 19 games Cheechoo has 4 goals and 4 assists, is +1 with a 9.8 shooting percentage. I think we can all agree that whether it’s Mitchell or Cheechoo, the Sharks offense wouldn’t take too much of a hit with either of them in the line up. The real hit is in the Sharks bottom line. According to hockeybuzz.com, Cheechoo is scheduled to earn $3M per year through the 2010-2011 season, while Mitchell is scheduled to earn $725,000 and becomes a restricted free agent at the end of the season. The Sharks total payroll is $56,175,834 and is $524,166 under the cap. When you compare Cheechoo’s salary and production ($3,000,000, 8 points) against Ryan Clowe ($1,600,000, 23 points), Joe Pavelski ($1,637,500, 20 points) and Devin Setoguchi ($1,246,667, 27 points), it’s pretty obvious that Cheechoo is not a very good value.

But what do you do with him? Certainly you’d want to trade him to get something in return but is anyone willing, and more importantly able, to take on his salary? Do you send him to Worcester and not care if he clears waivers? Either way, trade or demotion, you have to consider the roster freeze from Dec 19-27. During the freeze you can’t trade a player or move him between leagues. If Mitchell is scheduled to return around that time you’d have to make your move before the 19th or else delay Mitchell’s return until after the 27th.

I’m curious what Doug Wilson does with this one.

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5 comments for “Sharks Prepare To Get Even Better - Torrey Mitchell’s Return Imminent”

  1. With 22 currently (including Armstrong on emergency recall) on the roster while Mithcell is on the IR, one under the 23-max allowed, there’s a roster spot available for Mitchell. So no trades or demotions are required to activate Mitchell from the IR.

    Perhaps the better question is how will the lines reorganize with Mitchell returning to the ice?

    I would expect Mitchell to be “back” (on the NHL roster) before the Christmas roster freeze.

    Posted by gbergNo Gravatar | December 1, 2008, 11:13 pm
  2. Jonathan Cheechoo will sit again today when the Sharks play Toronto and may be out a handful of games. I wonder how much is really an injury and how much is performance related. It will be interesting to see what happens when Torrey comes back.

    The big difference between this years Sharks and Shark teams in the past is that I could not remember how many minor league call ups we have had so early in the season. We have already seen Riley Armstrong, Jaime McGinn, Staubitz, and a few others. I would like to see them recall a defenseman. Derek Joslin or Jason Demers. It will also be interesting to see if Kyle McLauren goes unclaimed after the All-Star game. I believe his salary gets prorated when applied to the salary cap if he clears re-entry waivers. If we release Semenov that clears another $650K and we are about $524K under the cap now. Still need to shuffle around a few players, but real close to the cap maximum.

    Murray was also a scratch against Phoenix, but should be back tonight. I would rather have Brad Lukowich the scratch than Murray.

    Let’s hope the Sharks can welcome back Ron Wilson with a victory tonight

    Posted by FC SharkfanNo Gravatar | December 2, 2008, 2:58 pm
  3. Gberg,

    Good question. With Ryan Clowe playing so well, you do not want to move him from the second line. If Cheechoo is still around, third line would be Cheecho, Mitchell, Grier. If Cheech is gone maybe you move JR to the third line and have the fourth line be Plihal, Shelly and a minor leaguer.

    Posted by FC SharkfanNo Gravatar | December 2, 2008, 3:14 pm
  4. Amazing what a difference a year makes. This conversation would almost surely never have existed last year - trying to decide the 3rd and 4th lines because of an over abundance of points scorers on top.

    Posted by adminNo Gravatar | December 2, 2008, 3:19 pm
  5. Yah, it’s a good problem to have. Who knows, maybe they add Claude Lemieux to the 4th line for veteran leadership in the playoffs. Claude scares me though, takes stupid penalties. I kind of wish Jeff Freisen made the team.


    Posted by FC SharkfanNo Gravatar | December 2, 2008, 4:40 pm

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