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San Jose Sharks

Sharks247 Catches Up On The San Jose Sharks

sharksfanWhere to start? How about how the All Star vote was painfully skewed (I’d like to thank friends who sent me the link to the web script/robo-vote created to stuff the ballot - neat bit of trickery), or the horrific play calling by the sportscasters covering the All Star game on Sunday? What about how the Sharks get no respect nor decent coverage on the NHL channel (NHL on the Fly) or Versus (Hockey Central), no matter how great they play? (Seems Sharks get less than 5 minutes of coverage, then the next 55 min are focused on East Coast teams.)

There is something extremely apparent to me as of this evening’s game against the Coyotes. Sharks have grit. We didn’t have that the last two seasons. I remember that after the vicious hit (I believe it was TuToo) on Milan that took him out of the playoff, the Sharks looked shell shocked and tentative. And last year Patty took some real hard shots (the picture of blood running down the side of his head from a hit has become the poster for bleeding Teal). In both cases, the Sharks didn’t respond in a positive way. They seemed to wilt.

Fast forward to this year. Imagine, what would happen today if someone put a hit on Milan, Patty, Jumbo? If Shelley doesn’t throw down, then there is a whole bench that will. Murray is a brick wall; opponents bounce off him and get the worst of it. Now Shelley throws down AND skates. This season, Milan gives as good (if not better) than he gets and will grind you into the ground in front of the net. Grier, Semenov, Cheech, Clowe, Seto, Pavs, Blake, JR, Boyle (have I missed anyone?)…..heck, even Big Joe has thrown the gloves down this year. (Has Nabby ever thrown down? I know he has a wicked stick.) There is a message being sent every game. Sharks got grit - and if you think you’re going to push us around, you’d better pack a lunch ’cause it’s going to be a looong day.

How did this happen? Was it because Ron Wilson coaching style smothered team spirit? Or was it because we didn’t have the personnel we have today? When did the camaraderie kick in? Was it all Coach McClellan or was it the addition of the veterans Boyle and Blake?

Enter Claude Lemieux. At 43, his reputation precedes him. And well it should. He may not be as swift as he was at 23, but he is wily and crafty. When I saw him give his victim a face wash, I was beside myself. “OMG!” I screamed, “he’s going to clean dude’s clock”. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see if he was going to drop his gloves. Maturity and cunning prevailed and he didn’t, he skated with purpose, moved on and when the puck was dropped, he stole the puck. As the season grinds on, I’m betting that Mr. Lemieux will show what made him (in)famous.

There is more than one reason why the Sharks are frighteningly good this year. Pick one, any one. You’d only be half right. The Sharks are hungry. The silver Cup is the goal and it everyone is on the same page. And I can’t wait to see what they do in the playoffs.

Go Sharks! This season is already one for the ages.


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3 comments for “Sharks247 Catches Up On The San Jose Sharks”

  1. I truly believe it was the coaching style. Last year Doug Wilson brought in Jody Shelley to be an enforcer, yet he rarely did any enforcing on the ice. That ‘disconnect’ would imply the GM had different plans than the coach. Of all the hitting I’ve been the most excited about Setoguchi. I don’t think I saw him hit anyone until the Red Wing game where he hit two guys (hard) on the same shift. Ever since then he’s been hitting like the big boys. It’s like he figured out…and Seto likes it!

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | January 30, 2009, 10:51 am
  2. It is the All-Star game, the sportscasters know that the game is not going to be interesting so there is no need for a particularly good play by play.
    I don’t get the NHL Channel so I’ll admit that I don’t know whether it is biased towards the East or not. But if the Sharks are getting 5 minutes of coverage and the rest of the 55 minutes is devoted to the FIFTEEN Eastern teams, then they’re actually getting more time than any other single team.

    Don’t expect Lemieux to fight too often. In his career he only has 17 fighting majors. But I’ll bet you’ll see a lot more of the facewash and walk away move.

    Posted by CapsfanNo Gravatar | January 30, 2009, 11:19 am
  3. Sharksfan, not only is Seto hitting, Semenov has been as well. Everyone has been physical, whether they were known to be a hitter or not.

    Capsfan you’re right, Lemieux probably won’t throw down, but I can dream, can’t I?

    Tonight against the B’hawks should be a good one. Not as good as if Campbell were up against Boyle, but I’ll take Seme, Murray or any other Shark to go up against him.

    Go Sharks!

    Posted by Sharks247No Gravatar | January 31, 2009, 4:51 pm

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