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Sharks247 Says The Unthinkable!

sharksfanAfter watching the Carolina @ Sharks game, I’m worried about our top line. My fingers are going to break as I write this……Joe, Patty & Seto really haven’t played well for the last two games. Did the All-Star game really mess with their heads? Are they tired? Joe hung around the back of the net just like he used to. It seemed to me that he did not charge the net very often. (OMG! Mark this day on the calendar - I said something untoward about Jumbo….Ooooh THE HORROR!) IMO Marleau was over-playing the puck and Seto was all over the map but not where he should have been. None of them were in sync. It’s like they’ve lost their timing. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th lines seemed to have better rhythm/communication and were working a little harder.

With that being said, the whole team seems to be either 1) a step too slow, or, 2) making one pass too many. We just weren’t moving our feet, like we had too much for dinner and really didn’t feel like ‘chasing the rwabbit’. Even looked a little weak in the corners, something the we’ve not seen all season long.

It was a TEAM loss. A few did play their guts out but in the end they stunk up the tank. Why can’t Team Teal put the petal to the metal and finish teams off when they should? Both RonW and Coach TMc have said the same thing and it is annoying. It’s 60 minutes of hockey - whether its a good team (Detroit) OR bad team (insert team of choice). Sharks need to start delivering the coupe-de-grâce with regularity or else this will be a 2007/2008 New England Patriots season. THAT would really sux.

Having too many days off during All-Star game really affected team play and hopefully they get back on track during this extended “East Coast tour”.

Go Sharks!

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3 comments for “Sharks247 Says The Unthinkable!”

  1. The out of sync thing might be due to a theory I wrote about the San Jose Sharks earlier. If you think about it, McLellan has been giving the top line less ice time to get the other lines clicking, so it’s only natural that they’d be a little out of sorts. I’m sure as we near the playoffs the top line(s) will have plenty of ice time to get back into sync.

    Posted by sharksfanNo Gravatar | February 6, 2009, 9:37 pm
  2. Now that you pointed it out, didn’t realize that the top line wasn’t getting much ice time. Thanks, I feel a little better. (Mind you, just “a little”.)

    All Sharks fans are hoping that they start getting hungry, moving their feet and taking no crap on their way to victory as they rip the Stanley Cup out of their opponents hands and bring it home to San Jose.

    Go Sharks!

    Posted by Sharks247No Gravatar | February 6, 2009, 9:57 pm
  3. What team can really stop the Sharks? Ok fine 3-2 OT didn’t help, but the Sharks are the real deal.

    Posted by BettorFanNo Gravatar | February 9, 2009, 5:44 am

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