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Take Your Time Ovechkin

Alex Ovechkin is listed as questionable for the weekend games against Minnesota and New Jersey, but do the Caps urgently need him back? Without him the Caps are 3-1-0 and, despite a loss to the Devils in the first Ovechkinless game, have looked pretty good.
One of the key questions was whether Alex Semin would step [...]

Chicago Blackhawks: Welcome Back, Oh Concussed Ones!

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While last week’s action saw the Blackhawks playing like shadows of of their earlier selves, this week has proved immeasurably more productive, as we saw the return of Captain Jonathan Toews and hardheaded Ben Eager to the Blackhawks lineup. I was very concerned as I watched the Blackhawks [...]

Don’t Hold Me To My Word - A Message From Sharksfan

Honestly when I started this blog I figured it would be more of a forum for me to vent than anything else. The last thing I thing I thought would happen was that people would actually take any interest in what I had to say, let alone remember anything I’ve said. Well the [...]

Hockey is the Best Medicine…Even When the Coyotes Are Not At Their Best

Last week was a tough one for The Phoenix Coyotes and for me as well. It started out great, the NHL bought the franchise with no opposition and very little negative hoopla. That’s when the trouble started. I came down with bronchitis. Now I am not saying, by any means, that my bronchitis brought on [...]

Choose The Detroit Red Wings‏

Choose 1 single enforcer (Brad May) in your whole roster, that hardly plays anyway.
Choose the least amount of fights in the NHL last season, dropping the gloves just 12 times.
Choose getting beaten 5-1 by the Toronto Maple Leafs, who recorded their 1st home victory that night.
Choose hideous injuries to key players early in the season, [...]

Calgary Flames Update

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The last time, I couldn’t wait to watch the game against Colorado, talked about the first 10 games of the season, the fact that Jokinen and Iginla didn’t produce as they should.In the last 5 games, the flames are 3-2, 2 of those wins were acquired in overtime.
The first game against Colorado, which [...]

Vancouver Canucks: Ifs, Buts And Maybes

The Month of October wasn’t what most people had expected. Vancouver started the new season in a less than glorious fashion, with more casualties than the local emergency clinic. Luongo has been playing like he was in goal for some beer league team and then signed his name on an already turgid and at times [...]

Penguins: How The West Was Done

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was questioning when the Pens magic would run out for a little while. My question has been answered. The Penguins escaped from the HP Pavilion Center with nothing more than their lives last night as they were officially schooled by the San Jose Sharks. That game ended the [...]

Home Sweet Home For The San Jose Sharks

Dear Mr. Pittpen - let me explain what happened. I know your team is in the middle of a long road trip and certainly fatigue is always an issue, and I know you were also missing some key players due to injury. But unfortunately your team ran into a San Jose Sharks team [...]

San Jose Sharks Quietly Repeating History

San Jose Sharks fans know all too well that the team is not playing as well as we know they can. The bar, unfortunately, was set extremely high during that monumental run of October - December 2008. We can see that our team is slowly trying to assimilate all their summertime acquisitions as [...]

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