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Team Canada Loss Equals San Jose Sharks Win?

San Jose SharksI think I’ve figured it out. For the last few years we Sharks fans have been perplexed because the team seems to be stuck in a cycle. That cycles involves a disappointing exit from the post-season, a strong response from management, an off-season retooling of the team, a stellar regular season followed by a disappointing exit from the post-season. Wash, rinse, repeat.

Worry no more, I’ve figured it out. The reason why the Sharks can’t seem to break this cycle - the ‘Year’. All of the solutions that the Sharks have tried to throw at this cycle are missing the mark. The ‘mark’ isn’t that the team didn’t have veteran leadership, proven champions, top notch talent or hard hitting grit. The ‘mark’ is that it takes a ‘Year’ to get back to the playoffs.

Perhaps with the exception of loss of life, most emotionally devastating events become less painful over time. If you think about the things that can cause us emotional pain - a bad relationship break up, someone stealing your car, your team losing in the playoffs - the pain we feel when we’re going through such things usually diminishes over time. A year later the pain is most likely no where near what it was as when the event first took place. Because it takes a year before the Sharks make it back to the playoffs, it’s possible that all the emotional discomfort from the pervious year’s loss is too diminished to provide the kind of urgency that would be present if the Sharks were given another crack at the trophy just a month later.

That is why Team Sweden needs to win the gold in Olympic hockey.

The ‘core’ of the Sharks are on Team Canada. If Team Canada does not medal in the Olympics, perhaps it’ll put enough ’sting’ in the boys to give them a renewed sense of urgency when they return from Vancouver. The timing will be perfect - approximately 5 weeks later the NHL playoffs will start and barring any catastrophic failures, the Sharks could go into the playoffs with their core out to erase the failure of a month ago.

There is the other argument, that if Team Canada wins the gold it will not only give Dan Boyle, Dany Heatley, Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau the confidence and experience of what it feels like to win it all but also motivate them to try and be two-time champions - Olympic Gold and Stanley Cup. But since I’m a guy who sees the glass half empty, I’m going to go with “Team Canada Must Lose”.

Sorry aye.

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