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San Jose Sharks

The Refs and the San Jose Sharks

San Jose SharksI don’t understand what the deal with the refereeing is! Now don’t get me wrong the Sharks have not been playing their best hockey, but I can’t figure out how the league is letting the refs do this! Some of the best refs in the game can’t call a call for the Sharks! If you look back and search to find the last time the Sharks had calls go their way you would find a better played game! It really hurts the Sharks when a ref can’t call anything!

So after all of this here is my question, the players and coaches are suspended and fined and disciplined by the NHL but what happens to the refs? Don’t they ever get “in trouble”? If I can email you directly that would be great because as a fan this is really frustrating!

So my problem is this, tonight if the refs would have called a better game and not get caught up in the garbage calls I know the Sharks would have done a lot better! My biggest problem is this, when Boucher or any goal tender for that matter gets hit in the head with a high stick directly in front of the ref and there is no call how can the NHL not do anything about this? I mean seriously we hold our players to the “standards of play” we expect them to be in charge of their stick at all times no matter what and yet the refs can’t call that! Should the NHL not hold them, the refs, to the highest standard as well?

You look at the different incidents throughout the season and look back at the game where an elbow got thrown intentionally to the head of one of the Sharks players, the guy that did it just got off a suspension for 5 games for doing the same thing, then comes back and does it a second time and only gets a one game suspension? I think the NHL and the refs and all of the officials for that matter need to be held to a whole lot hire of a standard than this! This is going to get a player hurt if not worse! They focus on a tongue lashing by radio personnel and tell the coaches “Don’t talk about the reffing” but yet when this type of stuff happens what are they expected to do! Now I don’t want this to be confused with its all the refs fault, there has definitely been some very poor playing as of late by the Sharks, but there is just absolutely no excuse for this type of an issue!


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