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San Jose Sharks

The San Jose Sharks And The Curse Of The Overtime Loss

sharksfanThe San Jose Sharks have completed their first of two February road trips with mixed results. The game against the Boston Bruins pretty much lived up to expectations, both teams showed why they’re on top of the respective conferences with the Sharks coming out on top. The Sharks managed to finish the trip with 5 points out of a possible 10 – not too bad except when you consider their ACTUAL record was 1-1-3. At the beginning of this trip the Bruins, Sharks and Detroit Red Wings were separated by 11 points, now they’re separated by 4 (Bruins 86, Sharks 83, Red Wings 82).

If you were to take away the point for the overtime loss during that road trip the standings would be different:

Bruins 84
Red Wings 81
Sharks 80

In seasons past, when the Sharks were just trying to make the playoffs or win some form of home ice advantage, the overtime loss was our friend. This year that extra point could be our curse. There is no credit for the overtime loss during the playoffs. Would the Sharks be better served losing their lead in the Western Conference? Is it better to chase than to be chased? I just hope the Sharks are smarter than the point system.

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