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The San Jose Sharks: End Of Days

San Jose SharksYesterday I was reading an article about Judgment Day and how, according to some calculations, the Armageddon will start on May 21st. The person who calculated this date says not to make any plans for Memorial Day because that day isn’t coming. I don’t believe in such things and I DO have plans for Memorial Day, but then I realized maybe this guy is right – maybe Judgment Day is coming. Only it’s not coming for all of us, it’s just coming to the Sharks Nation.

From the Christian Science Monitor

It took me many years before I not only understood but accepted that I’m a glass half-empty kind of guy. But the good news is that I’ve been trying for a while now to turn that around. I wouldn’t say I’m a glass half-full kind of guy but I think I’m more of a ‘it-is-neither-empty-nor-full’ kind of guy. Progress right?

When the Sharks failed to close out the Detroit Red Wings in 6 games a sense of calm came over me. It was kind of creepy actually. At that time I figured that calm feeling was because I was in familiar territory. I can deal with a Game 7. I know how to cope with ‘win or go home’ games – I grew up an NFL fan and that’s how they roll in the playoffs. But in the back of my head I had another thought.

They say at this level (the NHL), and especially at this time of year, there’s very little that separates one team from another. I buy that. So when the Sharks had to play that one extra game to get past the Red Wings I thought it was the end for more than just the semi-finals. It was like that last piece of candy in Monty Python. Now after going down 2 games to the Canucks it’s easy to come out and say such a thing, but really back when I felt it I tried to put on my ‘neither-half-empty-nor-half-full’ hat and attribute my gut feeling to my “Negative Nancy” tendencies. Unfortunately another one of my character traits is an absolute love for being right, and if the Sharks collapse against the Canucks at least I’ll have been right – which is just so wrong.

The Sharks have to win 4 out of the next 5 games if they want to move on to the Stanley Cup Finals. Such is a task that isn’t completely out of the realm of possibilities but it is most likely outside the realm of probability. Why oh why does this keep happening to us? It’s not so much that it keeps happening but it’s all the other hockey fans who keep pointing their collective fingers at us, laughing as they scream “See! You guys just can’t get it done in the playoffs!” I’ve never wanted to ‘silence the critics’ so much in my life. I’ve also never wanted to be so wrong…

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